Mass Driver Compensator P80 Compact / G19



Improve accuracy and recoil control on P80 Compacts & Glock 19s

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Mass Driver Compensator Includes

  • Compensator main body for Polymer 80 Compact / G19
  • Recoil spring
  • Compensator Guide rod
  • Guide rod fitment washer
  • Guide rod head
  • Internal spring (for P80 / G19)
  • Guide rod plug (GEN4 only)

Mass Driver Compensator Features

  • Threaded barrel is optional & not required
  • Legal in all US states
  • Widened bore to reduce baffle strikes and keyholing rounds
  • 2.5mm relief cut at the top rear of the compensator to reduce slide damage
  • No permanent changes to your pistol are required
  • Designed not to snag or get stuck on clothing
  • Machined to match the width of Polymer 80 and Glock 19 slides
  • Designed to decrease recoil by 20%+
  • Tailored to fit holsters designed for P80 Compact / Glock 19
  • CNC machined to spec by Strike Industries