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3D Printers

Slicer Software

prusa slicer

Prusa Slicer​

Best for More Options


bambu pla tough

PLA Tough

Best for Bambu Labs Printers

pla pro polymaker

PLA Pro Polymaker

Best for Most 3D Gun Prints

bambu pla tough


Advanced Nylon Clean Prints

Parts Kit Vendors

aves rails

Aves Rails

Glock Rails, Mac11 & More


Every Gun Part

Parts Kits for Every Gun

Husky Armory

Glock Parts & 3D Kits

maf arms

MAF Arms

Parts Kits (or Wind Chimes)

hoffman tactical

Hoffman Tactical

Parts Kits for HT AR Builds

invader zip

Invader Zip

Glock & ARK Hardware Kits

rk spookware

RK Spookware

Rails, Kits & More (Down Currently)

db design works

DB Design Works

DB Alloy & Mac 11 Parts Kits

3D Gun File Repositories


3D Gun Builder

Worlds Best 3D Gun File Repository


The Gatalog

OG Open Source 3D Gun File Repository



Worlds Largest 3D Gun File Source

ctrl pew


Home of the Original GUIDE

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3D Gun Files

Download over 100+ STLs


Learn 3D Gun Printing

Polymer 80

80% Guides & Tips

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