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Hunting Spears (5 Best for 2023)

Using older methods of hunting brings a special connection with nature. But before you go and make yourself a stone spear, you should check out some of the ready-made best hunting spears on the market in 2023.

These spears provide greater reach when dealing with an animal. Some prefer the more personal interaction that knife hunting provides. However, distance is your friend when dealing with boars and other aggressive animals.

best hunting spears

Let’s look at some of the best hunting spears available. 

Best Hunting Spears

Spears have fallen out of fashion for most hunting but there are some who keep the tradition alive. Spears are good for most medium to large game and all the risk that comes with it. As with everything hunting-related, there are numerous modern takes on older hunting implements that provide similar or better performance than their traditional predecessors. 

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Cold Steel Hunting Spear


#1 hunting (great for boar hunting) Cold Steel spear for the past 10 years.

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10/01/2023 04:55 am GMT

A great combination of old and new, the Cold Steel boar spear features a leaf blade for a more humane kill. The wider edge and narrow point allow you to pierce the thick hide of boars with ease.

The head of the spear is over 18 inches long and mounted on an ash shaft. Using ash allows for the spear to naturally bend instead of breaking when put under stress, especially when stabbing or throwing the spear.

The protective quillons on the spearhead help make sure that whatever is on the end of the spear doesn’t come any closer. The spear can also deliver cuts adding some utility but more versatility to the spear’s use.

A secure-Ex sheath protects the spearhead during transport and helps prevent accidents with the sharpened edge.

Blade length18 ½ inches
Blade MaterialSK-5 steel
Shaft MaterialPremium ash
Overall Length82 ⅛ inches
Sheath materialSecure-Ex

Schrade Phantom Long Survival Spear

Hunting and survival spear all in one.

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This spear is better geared towards survival than just hunting. A narrow blade is firmly bolted to a fiberglass shaft for better resistance to the weather. The Blade is made out of stainless steel and has a slip-over protective sheath.

Shorter than the Cold Steel boar spear, the Schrade Phantom is closer to the size of a standard cane than a traditional spear. It also features a special compartment in the base of the shaft. 

The threaded end cap is a ferro rod for starting fires and holds in an accessory tube. This tube contains two needles, two fish hooks, two split shots, and a fishing line so you can survive for longer.

The Phantom Spear is a great option to have around as a “just in case” tool. 

Blade length7.6 inches
Blade Material3Cr13MoV stainless steel
Shaft MaterialGRN nylon-filled fiberglass
Overall Length44.5 inches
Sheath materialPolymer

REAPR Survival Hunting Spear

$79.99 $68.16

Great short-range throwing hunting spear.

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10/01/2023 03:05 am GMT

Similar to the Phantom, the Reaper Survival spear is a short throwing spear. The shaft does not have any special compartment, making it sturdier for prying or similar tasks.

The spear point blade is protected by a thermoplastic rubber sheath. The shaft features grooves for better aiming, throwing, and grip. The base of the spear head spreads out angularly and works similar to the Cold Steel boar spear quillons.

If you want to do more throwing and hunting but don’t want a larger spear, this is the option for you. 

Blade length8 ⅛ inches
Blade Material2Cr13 stainless steel
Shaft MaterialNylon-fiberglass
Overall Length44 inches
Sheath materialThermoplastic Rubber sheath (TPR)

United Cutlery Talon Hunting Spear


Cost effective tactical hunting spear.

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10/01/2023 03:15 am GMT

One of the first tactical spears to become widely available, the M48 Talon from United Cutlery features many of the basic features the M48 line is known for. These include finger grooves and a fiberglass shaft.

There are multiple grip areas along the shaft. Unlike the Reapr spear, this one is not made with throwing in mind. The knurling and projections of the shaft lend themselves to retaining the spear and would not help in using it like a javelin.

It has a thermoplastic rubber sheath and features a durable cutting edge on its 8 inch blade. This is a great addition to your hiking and camping equipment.

Blade length8 inches
Blade Material2Cr13 stainless steel
Shaft Material30-percent Fiberglass reinforced nylon
Overall Length44 ⅛  inches
Sheath materialThermoplastic Rubber sheath (TPR)

Condor Yari Spear

More classing boar hunting spear with a dash of cool.

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This classically styled spear falls between the tactical spears and the boar spear in length. This creates a good balance between portability and reach. The blade is made of carbon steel for better edge retention and cutting capacity. 

Unlike the tactical options, this spear cannot hold up to digging and prying, placing it firmly as a hunting implement. A leather sheath helps protect the head of the spear, but it should not be stored in the sheath for extended periods in order to avoid rusting.

This is the best option if you want a wooden spear but don’t have the space for cold Steel’s full sized boar spear.

Blade length14 ½ inches
Blade Material1075 carbon steel
Shaft MaterialAmerican ash
Overall Length64 ½ inches
Sheath materialHeavy duty leather


Hunting spears are a very niche tool, but they have a certain aesthetic. A spear makes a great decoration while still retaining functionality. If you choose to hunt with your spear, be sure to check local hunting laws and take every safety precaution.

hunting spears review

Have you hunted with a spear? If so, tell us about it. Think another spear should be on the list? Let us know.

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