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3D Gun Builder’s affiliate program offers a percentage or commission for each sale when you use your provided affiliate link.

We are the only online store offering an affiliate program for Polymer 80 and DIY 80% firearms products.

#1 Polymer 80 Affiliate Program
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  • Base 10% Commission
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Affiliate Benefits

3D Gun Builder offers the best Polymer 80 / 80% firearms affiliate program online.

Benefits include:

  • Base 10% Commission On All Sales
  • Weekly Payouts via Paypal, ACH, Wire, or Crypto
  • High Conversion Rate Products
  • 60-day cookie duration (if anyone clicks on your link and makes a purchase in 60 days you get paid!)
  • Do you have a lot of customers? Email for a custom affiliate deal

Polymer 80 Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is ideal for 80% firearms and P80 enthusiasts.

3DGB’s products convert great for anyone with an email list, SEO traffic, YouTube channel, or other social media sources with followers interested in Polymer 80 pistols.

We even have our custom Polymer 80 Builder tool that allows customers to pick parts and design their own P80 pistol from the frame color to the Glock slide kit.

We offer affiliate commissions on the following Polymer 80 products:

  • Polymer 80 Frames
  • Polymer 80 Jigs
  • P80 Magazines
  • Polymer 80 Lower Parts Kits
  • P80 Slide Kits
  • And More

Glock Compatible Slide Kit Affiliate Program

3D Gun Builder is proud to offer some of the best Polymer 80 G17, G19, G26, and other model slide kits.

Our slides are premium grade and convert at a very high rate due to both our extremely competitive pricing and quick shipping times.

We have several affiliates making 10,000+ monthly by sharing our P80 and other product affiliate links via their marketing channels.

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