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Harlot 22LR

harlot 22lr derringer pistol

Harlot 22LR STL Files

22lr derringer break-action pistol

Harlot 22LR Details

The Harlot is a cool 22lr break-action single-shot pistol released this past year.

The derringer style design and file release was developed by the 3D gun development group, Black Lotus Coalition.

This 22lr derringer pistol is an excellent “throw away” and 3D gun option as a parts kit will only run you between $18 – $25.

The pistol and grip STL files come with options to also ensure your firearm is NFA compliant to keep the ATF happy.

If you want a fun “pea” shooter for the range the Harlot is hard to beat.

Harlot 22LR Pistol in the Wild



Harlot 22LR Tech Specs

The Harlot is a fairly minimal 22lr build that requires a barrel (in .22), some common hardware, and a 10 mm spring.

Required Parts for the Harlot 22LR

8 x M3x20mm button head screws

6 x M3 nuts

Shop Husky Armory

1 x 10mm OD x 1mm wire x 50mm long spring

1 x Rifled .22 barrel liner, 37mm long -or- 9/32 OD x .028″ wall x 37mm long steel tube

Tools Required

You will need a standard toolset with the usual firearm-focused tools to complete the Harlot 22lr pistol.

  • Driver for your M3 screws (hex/Phillips/flat head screwdriver)
  • 5/16 drill for .3125″ OD rifled liner -or- 9/32 Drill for steel tube.
  • #1 drill to chamber rifled liner
  • Super glue or epoxy to hold the barrel liner in place.
  • Clamp/vise/hammer and wood block to press barrel liner.
  • Wire cutters to cut spring to length.
  • File to shape firing pin screw to a flat point.
  • Hack saw and small round file or countersink tool to cut and deburr barrel liner.

Note: Barrel liner must be chambered with a #1 drill bit and deburred carefully with a small round file or countersink tool

Suggested 3D Print Settings

Cura or Prusa 3D gun defaults will work for a great finished product when printing the Harlot 22lr.

Slicer Settings

The only slicer settings you want to follow for this derringer pistol are the following:

  • Breech Block should be printed at 99% infill, everything else should be at least:
    • 6 walls/top/bottom
    • 15% infill with a 3X line multiplier
  • Not using a Brim is suggested for the Harlot
  • No supports needed


PLA material is fine for the Harlot, something that almost always works is Esun PLA+.

3D Gun Developer

black lotus coalition

The Black Lotus Coalition was founded by 3D gun developer, Moderator Gage, in 2021.

Their mission is to bring quality pieces of digital art to the internet.

DISCLAIMER: 3D STL files are for learning and documentation purposes only. The users of this website and files need to be aware of all applicable local, state, federal and regional laws. 3D Gun Builder does not encourage, condone, or promote any illegal activity.

3D Gun Builder ( does not host, provide, develop, and/or have any affiliation with the firearm STL files or All files are hosted by a third party.

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