ATF Memes Bible (2022 Updated)

ATF memes are prolific and fund to share at the expense of the countries sh****** three letter agency.

From the ATF dog to the ATF hand signal memes there is an ATF meme for everyone on the internet.

atf memes bible 2022

Does the ATF bring the trolling and online meme storm on themselves?


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ATF Dog Memes

ATF dog memes are a classic trope of internet gun culture.

The ATF is known for its controversial no-knock raids that usually result in ATF agents shooting a homeowner’s dog.

The ATFs’ fear of dogs is unmatched and be sure to hide your Fido if they decide to knock…or rather not knock on your door.

ATF Hand Signals Memes

The ATF, similar to local police, is a big fan of Call of Duty.

Like any big Call of Duty fan, the ATF is known for its SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams.

These over-armed teams use hand gestures to communicate silently and in the heat of a firefight.

While most special operations teams use these hand signals for things such as “hold”, “enemy spotted”, and movement directions the ATF hand signal memes poke fun at the ATF using these hand signals for such activities as “dog ahead”, “2 dogs spotted”, and “nuturilize Fido”.

ATF Meme Guy / Agent

The ATF meme guy meme usually depicts an agent looking puzzled with a blue hat sporting the “ATF” logo across the front.

Funny enough the man represented is from a Spiderman cartoon and is actually Peter Parker. The meme has spread and spiraled so far that like most internet culture things have lost their true origin.

Either way, the ATF meme guy has generated thousands of laughs and angered a fair amount of alphabet boys for years.

Not ATF Meme

The Not ATF meme takes inspiration from the ATF meme guy but puts a fake nose on the agent.

This is usually paired with caption text making fun of one of the many ATF entrapment schemes online.

The ATF is well known for using questionable tactics to entrap law-abiding citizens and this meme is part of internet gun culture’s resistance.

ATF Wall Meme

Many of the ATF memes utilize the ATF guy and the wall meme is no exception.

This features the ATF guy peering over a brick wall in a sort of spying position. Working against and punishing law-abiding US citizens is common within the ATF and this is yet another way to have a laugh at the ATF’s expense.

ATF Boating Accident Memes

Perhaps one of the most long-lived copypastas or meme texts is when online users report having lost all of their firearms in a “boating accident”.

This is one of the many jokes people make about the fact that gun ownership should be private and is one of our inalienable rights.

The building of a gun owners database by the ATF is a flagrant violation of these rights and reporting your firearms missing in a “boating accident” is what some would consider our duty as private citizens of the United States.

ATF Gun Classification Meme

Perhaps the most convoluted laws in this nation are when it comes to the classification of certain firearms specifically AR15s.

Pistols, carbines, short-barreled rifles, and rifles are often labeled as such for extremely benign and uninformed decision-makers.

Understanding the ATF gun classification system is next to impossible. As with most things that make little sense the ATF gun classification meme was born.

ATF 3D Printing Memes

This would not be 3D Gun Builder if we did not mention some of the newer ATF 3D printing memes on the rise.

3D printing guns directly sidesteps many of the ATFs non-sensicle rules and regulations, therefore, causing frustration within the ATF agency.

Several people have even released 3D print files or STLs of the ATF meme guy to help spread the signal 🙂

Do you have any great ATF memes that we may have missed?

Like and share your best memes below in the comments so we can continue to enjoy a few laughs at the ATFs expense!

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