SIG Sauer P320 Grip Module Guide

Do you want to upgrade your SIG Sauer P320 with a new grip module but aren’t sure about what the best options are?

Few people probably expected the SIG Sauer P320 to be as massive of a hit as it has been, myself included. 

sig sauer p320 grip modules

For decades, SIG Sauer was most well-known for their highly-regarded 220-series of pistols. These guns were trusted by the Navy SEALs, United States Secret Service, countless law enforcement departments, and civilians alike. 

When SIG unveiled the P320 pistol in 2014, it represented the company moving in a completely new direction. 

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That’s because the P320 was one of the first pistols with inherent modularity and the ability to customize the gun between a variety of different grip sizes. 

If you’re reading this article, you probably already own a P320 or are thinking about getting one, and you want to know a little more about the grip options that are available. 

To help you out, I’ll dive into what specifically makes the P320 modular and the best grips that you can get for it.

Why Can The SIG Sauer P320 Accept Different Grip Modules?

sig sauer p320

The P320 is essentially a striker-fired version of SIG’s earlier hammer-fired P250, which was also the company’s first polymer-framed pistol. The P250 has since been discontinued in favor of the P320, largely because of the latter pistol’s superior trigger. 

Like the P250, the standout feature of the P320 is its FCU, or fire control unit. This is the only serialized part of the P320 and can be swapped between different frames and slides. 

For example, you can own one P320 FCU, but two or more different slides, barrels, guide rods, frames/grips, and magazines and then swap the FCU between them as desired. 

This means that you can easily swap between calibers or between different frames and slides with only one P320 FCU.

Within a matter of seconds, you can convert your full-size P320 to a compact one for concealed carry, or you can convert it from a 9mm to another caliber like .22 LR, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, or .45 ACP.

This design was revolutionary when the P320 was released, and several other gun manufacturers have followed SIG’s lead with modular pistol designs of their own.

As you can imagine, there are many grip modules available for the P320 today. Some are made by SIG Sauer, while others are produced by aftermarket companies.  

Speaking of which…

The Best Grip Modules for the SIG P320

Here are some of the best grip modules available for the SIG P320 today, presented in alphabetical order:

Amend2 S300 Grip Module

amend 2 s300 grip module

Like I mentioned above, one of the big advantages to the P320 is how you can easily convert it from a full-sized pistol to a compact one with a simple change of the grips. 

One of the best aftermarket grip modules for the P320 that can facilitate this for you is the Amend2 S300 grip module

This module shrinks your P320 down to a subcompact pistol, but unlike other subcompact P320 modules, it accepts P365 magazines instead. 

Since the P365 magazines are smaller than the compact P320 magazines, this allows the Amend2 to have a narrow width while still having a high capacity from the P365 12-15 round magazines. 

If you want to make your P320 as compact as possible, the Amend2 is the module you’ll want to take a look at. 

LIMA320 Grip Module

lima 320 grip module

The standout feature of the LIMA320 Grip Module is its red or green laser (depending on the variant) that is integrated into the frame. 

A button is located on the grip of the LIMA320, and when this is pressed, the laser will become activated. You can draw your P320 from your holster, raise it to your line of sight, and have the laser activated and on your target in less than a second. 

Besides the option to choose between a red or green laser, the LIMA320 is available in many different grip sizes as well (including full-size, carry, and compact). 

Mirzon Grip Module

mirzon grip module

Another good aftermarket grip module for the P320 is the Mirzon module. The big feature of the Mirzon is the rubberized and almost sticky grip texture, which is designed to help ensure that your gun won’t be slippery and easier-to-control when your hands are wet. 

The Mirzon also comes with features such as an extended beavertail and serrations on the frame and trigger guard. It’s available in a wide variety of different colors as well, including black, gray, and red. 

However, it’s also currently only available in a full-size configuration with the ability to accept 17-round magazines.

SIG Alloy X-Series (AXG) Grip Module

sig alloy x series grip module

The SIG AXG is a metal grip module that is designed to give your P320 more weight that is comparable to their metal-framed 220-series of pistols. 

The AXG is available in a number of different colors and frame sizes, and has a grippy texture, trigger undercut, and beavertail on the rear of the frame to help you control the pistol in slippery conditions. 

SIG X-Series Grip Module

sig x series grip module

If you like the X-Series grip but want to get it in a polymer configuration, you’ll want to take a look at the X-Series grip module from SIG Sauer. 

As with the AXG, the X-series are available in a number of different sizes and colors, and they come with features such as a flared magwell to facilitate faster reloading and an aggressive beavertail so you can get a higher purchase over the grip. 

Wilson Combat Tactical Grip Module

wilson combat tactical grip module

Wilson Combat is most commonly associated with 1911s, but lately they’ve been producing aftermarket components for the P320 as well. 

The Wilson Combat Tactical Grip Module for the P320 is available in several different frame sizes and colors, including black, gray, green, and tan. 

The module itself is a little more affordable than some of the other options on this list, and has Wilson’s trademark Starburst grip pattern that allows you to get a good grip on the gun in slippery conditions. 

But perhaps the biggest feature that Wilson Combat installed on this module is the reshaped trigger guard and 1911-style beavertail, both of which enable you to get a higher grip over the gun than most other modules available on the market. 

Which Module Will You Choose?

Any one of these grip modules will be an excellent choice for your P320. 

In choosing one, my advice is to think about what kind of applications you want to use your P320 for, and then go from there. 

Which of the above grip modules do you think you’ll end up going with for your P320? 

Let us know below!

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