Polymer 80 Ejector Hitting Slide

Is your Polymer 80 frame giving you problems? 

Specifically, is the tip of the ejector that you’ve installed on the P80 frame hitting the end of the slide when you attempt to assemble the gun?

polymer 80 ejector hitting slide

If so, you’re probably a bit frustrated, and understandably so. 

When you have a completed P80 frame and slide ready-to-go, you should be able to just attach the two pieces so you have a workable gun. 

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But if the ejector is positioned in such a way that it’s holding onto the slide and preventing you from sliding it into place, it most likely doesn’t mean that your gun is broken or in need of a gunsmith. 

It just means you need to do a little more work on the gun, and thankfully, it’s nothing that’s going to require major modifications or take up too much of your time. 

We’re here to tell you exactly what you need to do. 

Why Is The Ejector Hitting Your P80 Slide?

ejector hitting slide fix

You’ll be at least somewhat relieved to hear that this is a somewhat common problem with P80 frames (and Glock frames in general). 

The reason your P80 ejector is hitting your Glock slide is most likely because of tolerances.

There are a countless number of aftermarket Glock 19 ejectors that you can install on your P80 frame to help complete it.

While most if not all of these ejectors should be designed to be compatible with your P80 frame, there can be ever-so-slight variances in their manufacturing processes. 

As a result, your ejector may hang very slightly too far to the right and prevent you from locking the slide back when you assemble your gun. 

All it takes is for a variance of a few fractions of an inch to cause the slide to become blocked by the ejector when you attempt to assemble the weapon.

Fortunately, it’s nothing major to worry about, and there are several possible solutions to rectify this problem. 

Speaking of which…

Troubleshooting Your Polymer 80 Slide

So, what do you need to do? 

In short, you just need to work the slide or the ejector a little bit, and you may not even need to use tools to do so. 

You can do this with at least one of the following ways:

Solution #1 – Press Slightly on the Slide

fixing ejector slide issue

It could be that you only need to push slightly on the slide to solve this problem. 

Specifically, press the slide slightly to the right until the slot on the end of the slide plate where the ejector is supposed to slide into fits over the ejector. 

This should work, but if the slide still isn’t fitting over the ejector, you can…

Solution #2 – Bend the Ejector

bending ejector to left

Alternatively, you can slightly bend the ejector leftward to get it to fit into the correct slot on the P80 slide.

You just want to be very careful with this method so that you don’t bend the ejector so far that you damage it. You can either use your finger, or you can use another object to apply pressure on the ejector. 

You may also need to do this in conjunction with pressing rightward on the slide at the same time. 

Either this solution or Solution #1 as described above works for most people who are experiencing issues with their P80 frame’s ejector getting in the way of them affixing their slide. 

Most also find that the problem corrects itself over time as the slide, frame, and the respective components for each break-in after extended use. 

But it can be very annoying if it doesn’t correct itself and you have to either press the slide or the ejector to get them to fit over one another every time you assemble your P80 frame with your Glock slide. 

In that case, you may need to…

Solution #3 – File the Ejector

filing ejector housing

It could be that your ejector is ever-so-slightly oversized. Again, it only takes a fraction or two of an inch of manufacturing variations for there to be this problem.

In this case, you’ll need to file down on the side of the ejector that’s hanging up on your slide. If it is only a slide manufacturing variation that’s causing the issue, you shouldn’t need to file down very far to correct the problem. 

Solution #4 – File the Opening on the Slide Plate

filing slide plate

Alternatively, you may need to file the opening of your slide plate so that it fits over the ejector (or file on both the ejector and the slide). 

Take note that if you do file on the ejector or the slide plate, you’ll only want to file it a little bit so it doesn’t affect the function of the pistol. And if you’re not comfortable with doing filing work, there’s nothing wrong with taking the slide and frame into a gunsmith either. 

Yes, that may cost a little bit of extra month, but at the end of the day it should be worth it if you want a reliable gun that works. 


One of the above four should work in affixing your P80’s slide to your Glock 19 frame.  

But if the ejector is still getting in the way of you securing your P80 slide to the frame and none of the above four solutions are working, it’s definitely time to take the slide and frame into a professional gunsmith. 

Do you have any more questions regarding your Polymer80 slide? Let us know below!

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