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FGC-9 3D Printed semi-automatic pistol

The credit for inventing the FGC 9 3D printable semi-automatic pistol goes to JStark1809.

The gun is based on Derwood’s AP9 “Shuty” but customized and redesigned to be a firearm without regulated parts. The metric dimensions of the weapon are focused more on people who have restricted gun laws in their country.

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The gun was first introduced to the world in early 2020, just before the pandemic, so, coincidentally, people had a lot of free time to spend in the garage, eager to build something.

The pistol can be created by anyone enthusiastic and does not feel overwhelmed by many parts lying around. 

FGC 9 Details

Created by a German designer, JStark1809, the first edition of the gun had a self-imposed constraint and did not require any regulation by the EU laws

What is an FGC 9?

FGC 9 is a 3D printed pistol made of fabricated 3D printed parts, metal pressure-bearing parts, springs, screws, nuts, and bolts. In summary, you would need 5 to 6 hours of free time and about $400 to build the gun all by yourself. 

The construction and assembly of the gun are fairly straightforward, and there are a lot of manuals, guides, and thorough documentation upon its release. On the plus side, the instructions have been translated into multiple languages since the gun was published. 

The parts required for the firearm can be easily purchased online, and since October 2020, there have been no specific legal issues. 

Since April 2021, there has been a new update for downloading, which is the MK2 revision. FGC-9 MK2 download will simplify your building process and include home production materials. 

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The MK2 design has an integrated sling loop and a more reliable bolt. Also, it is much easier to construct. 

FGC-9 in the Wild



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FGC 9 Origin

The first release of the FGC 9 3D printing files was in the DEFCAD open-source studio by JStark1809 and became available on many platforms.

The hosting spaces were by Deterrence Dispensed like the LBRY protocol or Odysee. Pardon our language, but for the origin story of the FGC 9, we must mention what the acronym stands for. 

The 9 at the end refers to the 9mm cartridge of the firearm. Regarding the letters, FGC is an initialism for “ F**k Gun Control”. 

The German-Kurdish gun designer JStark1809 manufactured the FGC 9 between 2018 and 2020. With the help of Deterrence Dispensed, a guerrilla 3D-gun file-developing group, the pistol was released on March 27th, 2020. 

Even though the design elements and the mechanics were based on previous 3D printing models, such as Shuty AP-9, the pistol brought something new to the picture. There were a lot of mechanical, constructive, and ergonomic changes.

The FGC 9 eliminates the need for factory-made parts and can be created with materials from the hardware store. 

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The entire design works without any commercial and regulated parts, and the magazine can be printed in 3D. Plus, the barrel of FGC 9 can be completed in different ways, like electrochemical machining. 

FGC 9 Tech Specs

The FGC 9 is a firearm that is easy to build. This semi-automatic 3D printing pistol has unregulated metal parts paired with 3D printed parts.

FGC 9 has a semiautomatic carbine with a length of 520 millimeters and weighs 4 pounds without a magazine.

The barrel size is 114 millimeters and has cartridge dimensions of 9×19 millimeters.

The gun has closed bolt blowback action, a feed system with custom extended variants, and a Glock magazine. 

FGC 9 Materials

The lower and upper receivers of the full auto FGC 9 can be 3D printed together with the stock and the pistol grip.

The magazine’s structure is based on the Glock; the best part is that it can also be printed.

The previous MK1 and AR-15 versions used an airsoft trigger system for the fire control. 

Since the release of MK2, which we will elaborate on later in our article, the developers have allowed 3D printing of the trigger. Also, through electrochemical machining, the barrel can be rifled polygonally. 

Required parts for building FGC 9

After much research, we finally have a shopping list for you to build the pistol by yourself completely.

The necessary parts for FGC 9 are: 

  • 3D printer
  • PolyMax PLA
  • MAF-Arms kit
  • JB weld
  • Fire Control Group
  • Mineral oil
  • Sandpaper
  • Magazine springs
  • Feyachi reflex sight with adjustable reticle

3D Printer

We leave the 3D printer totally up to you. If you like, you can purchase the Ender 3 V2 or Eneder pro versions, but the guys who previously designed the FGC-9 state that spending a lot of time on a printer is not necessary.

You can buy one off Amazon with a 32-bit board. One recommendation that we like to leave you with is to choose a quiet one (Ender 3 v2 or Ender 3 S1). 


When it comes to enclosing the printer, there are multiple approaches that you can take.

We recommend you box it up somehow because 3D printers leave plastic bits and organic compounds behind them. Also, keep children and pets away from the printer. 

Noise deadening

Keeping the vibration and the sound down of the printer is a big plus for domestic tranquility.

If you have a garage, that would be the perfect spot to put it in, but if you like to make things quieter, you can purchase a paver brick. Stack the paver on top of sponges or some materials made from foam. 

Good leveling springs

Because you turn knobs to adjust the printing surface and keep the level with the nozzle, bed leveling springs are quite important.

If you like to do many more prints without that many adjustments, purchase better springs and install them during the printer’s assembly. 


We briefly talked about MK2 downloads in the introduction of our article.

This updated design of the FGC 9 was released on April 16th, 2021. The MK2 was created by JStark1809 with the help of two other gun designers, 3socksandcrocs and Ivan The Troll

The updated firearm has an improved electro-chemical machining process, improving the barrel and MP5-style charging handle.

The MK2 was the final release of multiple smaller releases and included the Common Sense Fire Control Group AR-15 printable trigger. 

Firearms 3D Printing History

Before FGC 9, the first Liberator 3D printable gun came out swinging on the market back in 2013. The entire product was revolutionary, and many politicians, regulators, and fearful public members lost their marbles.

Understandably so, if you picture people going through security checkpoints at the airport with printable guns, it’s a bit scary. 

Truthfully, the Liberator was troublesome and out of reach for ordinary people.

3D printers at that time were thousands of dollars, and the technology was ahead of time. But things have changed a lot in the last eight years, and 3D semi-automatic pistols like FGC 9 could be a home project with a cost of $400.

ou can also make clones of popular frames like AK, Glock, or Smith & Wesson Shield pistol. When it comes to government laws, it is perfectly legal to build your own firearm for personal use if you’re a lawfully authorized user. 

The 3D printing art is advanced enough so that people in less permissive environments can purchase the parts and build the firearms without having specific skills. Also, there are no regulated parts involved in the process. 

Since we are not lawyers, don’t take anything from us as legal advice. Check the laws in your state before you attempt to build a 3D-printed pistol. 

FGC 9 Price

You can build an FGC-9 at home anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on accessories and upgrades.

The best thing about 3D printable guns is that their quality (despite being homemade) has gone up, and the price of building them has gone down.

The same firearms that were a couple of thousand dollars now go for $200. Many retailers are charging the same amount for a handgun. 

The extra supplies you need to build the pistols add another $300 to $400. So, you can make one at home for less than you would spend on a classic gun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What barrel does the FGC-9 use?

The FGC 9 works with a Glock 19 barrel. Also, the pistol has an aluminum ejector and a pre-drilled welded bolt.

Is the FGC-9 safe?

If properly and carefully built, yes, the FGC 9 can be a safe weapon. Some online blogs state that, compared to other 3D-printed firearms, the FGC 9 has been tested the most in many countries.

The results on the safety of the firearm were positive. 

Who designed the FGC-9?

A German gun designer named JStark1809 was the first to create the 3D-printed semi-automatic pistol – FGC-9.

This guy is considered the primary designer of FGC 9 but a full community of firearm enthusiasts backed him up during the manufacturing and updates like Ivan The Troll and 3socksandcrocs. 


After carefully reading our article, we are confident that you have a much better understanding of the FGC 9.

We explained the new MK2 updates and gave you a little bit of insight into the history of 3D printing.

Also, we answered the most common questions regarding the 3D semi-automatic pistol. Following FGC 9 blueprints online, you can make this firearm your weekend project.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any additional questions.

Good Luck!

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