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Ivan the Troll

ivan the troll

Ivan the Troll

One of the leading 3D Gun Developers Known for the Plastikov, KF5, 3011, and more


Who is Ivan the Troll aka Navi Go Boom

Ivan, also known as Ivan the Troll, is a self-proclaimed 3D gun enthusiast who seeks to document and record the history of Do It Yourself 3D printed firearms.

You can find Ivan on Twitter on his latest account (until the ban hammer comes down again) @NaviGoBoom.

Ivan is prolific in the 3D printed gun space by contributing to and heading up other projects such as his “Colt 3011”, U-Bolt AR-15, and Binary Trigger.

Ivan is a pillar of the community and his work will no doubt have earned its place in 3D gun printing history.

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