JStark1809 (FGC9 Creator, 3D Gun Icon, and Death)

jstark 3d gun designer

JStark1809 (FGC9 Creator, 3D Gun Icon, and Death)

JStark is one of the founding fathers of the 3D-printed gun movement.


The process of 3D printing has become increasingly popular in the last decade, especially in the field of printed firearms. 

Even though most people go the traditional route to purchase firearms, a large group of people has come up with an idea to manufacture their own weapons using 3D technology as they believe in their right and freedom to protect themselves by having their own weapons. 

If you are interested in this topic, read about the intriguing and harrowing story of JStark1809, the inventor of the FGC-9 3D printed gun.

Who Was JStark?

JStark1809 Real Name

Jacob D, also known as JStark1809, is a 3D weapon designer based in Germany who many consider a hero of the 3D printing community.

He first introduced his printed FGC-9 to the world in early 2020, after which he introduced plans for a newer, upgraded version of the FGC-9 MKII or FGC-9 Stingray. or FGC-9 Stingray.. 

jstark 3d print stl
JStark 3D Printed Statue

The activist believed that every person has a human right to bear firearms in the same way as the police and the military does. 

As the activist himself and the enthusiastic 3D-firearm printing community believe, to escape the injustices by the government, every person should be able to protect themselves on an individual level by having weapons of their choice.

JStark Identity

In November 2020, JStark was featured in a 26-minute documentary titled “Plastic Defence: Secret 3D Printed Guns in Europe”, in which he explains his beliefs and shows his work and the methods of printing firearms using 3D technology. 


The gun rights advocate hid his identity on the videos by wearing masks while showcasing his 3D-printed inventions and showing how they work.

JStark1809 Age 

The 28-year-old advocate was a member of the organization that supports gun rights activism, known as Deterrence Dispensed which promotes and distributes open-source 3D printed firearms.

JStark was known for creating blueprints for the now-popular FGC-9 printed gun.

How did JStark1809 die?

JStark1809 killed

Due to suspicious web and 3D printing activities, the German police raided Jacobs’s home in 2021.

Unfortunately, shortly after the raid, his death was announced on October 8th in a German newspaper, with the reason being a cardiac arrest due to his previous medical condition. 

jstark1809 shooting fgc9
JStark Test Firing the FGC-9

However, many members of the 3D-printed firearms community believed that he was allegedly killed as a result of foul play because of his anti-government activities. 

JStark1809 Reddit

JStark’s death was sad news for firearms enthusiasts and 3D printers around the world. 

The gun activist regularly posted on his social media accounts, including posting videos, and he often included information on his Reddit account. 

After his death, the activists continued spreading his word and beliefs online, continuing the work he had started. 

JStark Creates the FGC-9

Frustrated by the inability to have firearms due to the strict firearms laws in Germany, JStark introduced the printed FGC-9 firearm crafted from 3D printing PLA plastics.

It is described as an effective homemade semi-automatic firearm that is easy to build, even for people who have limited access to knowledge and tools.

fgc 9 by jstark
FGC-9 100% 3D Printed Firearm

In 2021, JStark released plans for an upgraded version of the original design, as the main goal of JStark1809 was to create a 3D-printed pistol with parts and techniques that are available in Europe.

Is the FGC-9 full-auto?

The FGC-9 is not full-auto out of the box.

The FGC-9 is a hybrid 9mm semi-automatic firearm that is highly functional and fully 3D printed. The pistol features a homemade barrel produced by ECM, as well as Glock-style frame magazines. The firearm can be crafted with zero regulated parts. 

Is the FGC-9 accurate?

The testing of the FGC-9 performed by ARES showed that this 3D-printed firearm exhibited impressive accuracy.

It is a semiautomatic pistol caliber carbine with a 114 mm (4.5 in) barrel length and 9×19 mm cartridge, pre-drilled welded bolt, and aluminum ejector. 

According to ARES, what makes the FGC-9 stand out from other 3D-printed firearm designs is that it doesn’t require the use of commercially produced firearm parts but can be produced using unregulated commercial components.

It can fire more than 2000 rounds with incredible accuracy and without any signs of a breakdown.

How much does it cost to build JStark’s FGC-9?

The cost of printing the FGC-9 firearm can be very low, even with the purchase of additional components.

The overall cost, including the 3D printing material, parts, and tools, typically cost less than $1,000. As more and more 3D-printed firearms are being made, their cost may continue to decrease significantly.

FGC-9 download

The FGC-9 blueprint for the home-built firearm has taken the internet community by storm and the STL can be downloaded on 3D Gun Builder.

JStark1809 has also created a documentation package that includes an instruction set for anyone who would like to create their popular invention in less than two weeks. 

About the 3D printing laws

As 3D gun building has been widely discussed in the world and becoming increasingly popular, on the 24th of May 2022, representatives from over 20 countries gathered to participate in the International Conference of 3D Printed Firearms.

jstark 1809 freedom
JStark’s Fight for Freedom Lives On

The conclusion from the conference differs from one country to another. The manufacturing or production of such firearms is illegal in the UK and France and strictly prohibited in Germany. 

Such firearms are also illegal in Singapore, South Africa, and Australia. If the firearms have a license and meet specific legal stipulations, they can be produced in Italy and the same applies to Canada. When it comes to the US, the laws are strict and differ from each state. 

Moreover, the shipment of so-called “ghost guns” is also prohibited by FedEx. These are partially completed frames that can be used for crafting 3D-printed firearms. Such strict laws are what motivated JStark and many other enthusiasts to dive into the 3D printing firearm world. 


Firearm enthusiasts and 3D printers are continuing the work of JStark1809 by building and upgrading the FGC-9, as they express in the name of freedom.

Home-built firearms are not only becoming increasingly popular, but they also rival commercially available guns due to their practicality, complexity, and durability.

Hopefully, this article provided all the information regarding JStark and his motivation to use 3D technology to craft firearms that he believed could be used for protection.

Don’t forget to leave a comment down below by stating your opinion about the whole 3D printing firearm movement.

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