How Much Does it Cost to Restore Gun Rights

Have you lost the right to own or possess firearms? How much does it cost to restore your gun rights?

If you have been convicted of a felony offense, that is the reason for it, as people automatically lose their right to own a gun in such a case. 

how much cost restore gun rights

You can’t legally buy a firearm even if you have been convicted of domestic assault. 

Fortunately, you can restore your gun rights by following the right procedure. But how much does it cost to restore gun rights?

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You will get your gun rights back only if you take action. 

In this article, we will discuss how much money you will have to spend to get your gun rights back. 

Make sure to read it till the end to understand every important detail.

How Much Does It Cost to Restore Gun Rights?

WATCH report

While trying to restore your gun rights, you should obtain a WATCH report, which usually costs about $10-$15.

It should be your first step, even if you are planning to hire a firearm-rights attorney, as they will also need it.

Filing fee

You will also have to pay the filing fee to get a new case number. Generally, it costs about $241; however, the amount can vary depending upon the concerned court.

Attorney’s fee

If you want to hire an attorney, you should be clear about the charges while making a decision. You will have several options to choose from, and the cost usually varies from $1,000-$3,000.

The number can be higher or lower than the given range in some cases.

money to restore gun ownership

Experienced attorneys usually charge more, but they also do everything professionally. However, like every other field, expensive isn’t always better here. An attorney who offers reasonably-priced services may do a better job than an attorney who charges more than $3,000.

The charges can also vary depending on the complexity of the case and the effort required. It’s better to discuss every little detail with the attorney at the beginning and understand how much they will charge.

If you want to save money, you should know that you can restore your firearm rights without hiring an attorney at all. But if you don’t have any experience in the field, you may not be able to do everything correctly. You will have to put in a lot of effort and invest time. 

In such a case, it’s better to hire an attorney and let the experienced person take care of everything for you.

Additional costs

You should try to keep your budget flexible, as some charges aren’t fixed, and things can become challenging if you don’t have room for additional charges.

If required, certain records and proofs will have to be obtained, and you may have to spend extra money in such a case.

Well, these are the main areas where you will have to spend money to restore your gun rights. Unfortunately, the total required amount isn’t fixed, and it can vary depending on several factors. 

So, it’s better to stay prepared and plan everything in advance to avoid issues and delays during the process.

How Do I Know If My Gun Rights Have Been Restored?

You should always check your firearm rights status before attempting to buy a gun. If you are prohibited from buying a gun, attempting to buy one can lead to a criminal charge, which is the last thing you would want.

Since laws vary in different states, the best option is to hire a local attorney and get professional help. They will know how to gather the required information and help you throughout the process.

If you don’t want to hire an attorney, you can apply for a VAF (Voluntary Appeals File) with the FBI and wait for a response. If you are prohibited from purchasing a gun, you will be notified. You will get the green signal if you are no longer prohibited. 

restoring gun rights cost

You may also get a UPIN (Unique Personal Identification Number) that can be used when purchasing a firearm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does expungement restore gun rights?

No, expungement alone won’t restore your gun rights. 

However, it will clear your criminal record, which is a good thing. To restore your rights, you should get a gubernatorial pardon. 

Both expungement and gubernatorial pardon have separate benefits to offer, and you should consider getting both.

How long does it take to restore gun rights?

Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer to this question, as every case is different. 

Moreover, in some states, the rights can be restored in just a few months; however, it can take a little longer in other states. You should get professional help to understand the situation, as it will help you make the right move.

How can a felon get gun rights back?

To get gun rights back, a felon should consider getting a gubernatorial pardon. It can restore your gun and voting rights, but you should know that it won’t remove your case from public databases or court networks. For this reason, you can’t consider it a substitute for expungement.

Can a felon own a gun?

No, a felon can’t purchase, own, or carry a gun. Owning a gun in such a case can result in a criminal charge. However, if the conviction is pardoned and your gun rights have been restored, you can legally own a gun. 

It’s better to check your firearm rights status before taking any steps.


We hope you liked this article and understood how much it costs to restore gun rights. You will have to make the required calculations keeping the factors we discussed in mind to find the exact amount you will need to spend.

People who want to save money prefer not to hire an attorney; however, having a helping hand during the process can save a lot of time and effort. 

In simple words, you will have peace of mind, and everything will be done professionally, correctly, and quickly. 

If you still have any doubts about getting your gun rights restored and how much money it will cost, make sure to leave a comment down below.

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