P80 (Polymer 80) Rails & Locking Block

Let’s start off this article by clearing up any confusion that may arise from the term P80 Rails and have everyone on the same page. 

Before you get all excited and start daydreaming about slapping on a rail to your P80 build and adding insane tactical gadgets that will have people thinking Robo Cop gave you the pistol as a birthday present, it’s not that type of rail.

p80 rails
robocop tactical rails

We are going to discuss the various P80 rail systems that form part of the internal components within the frame, specifically the Locking Block Rail Module (LBRS) and Rear Rail Module (RRM) plus we will throw in a little bonus towards the end of the article for those dedicated P80 builders.

P80 Rails Installation Re-Cap

For those of you that are comfortable with the installation of the rails into the frame, you can keep scrolling past this section.

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rear rail locking block p80

For the Polymer 80 builders that may still need a little recap, we are going to briefly go over the installation process and highlight a few key points to take note of during the build.

  1. Suppose the most obvious thing to point out is to ensure you have the correct P80 frame/kit for the Glock you want to build.
  • PF940v2 for a full-size Glock 17/22/33/34/35
  • PF940CV1 for a compact Glock 19/23/32
  • PF940SC for a Glock 26
  • PF9SS for the single stack G43 series
  1. The standard kit will contain the plastic finishing jig, frame, Rear Rail Module (RRM), Locking Block Rail Module (LBRS), pins, and drill bits. Parts may vary with different molds but more on that later.
  1. Milling of the frame: With the frame in the finishing jig, the front and rear segments will need to get milled with the provided drill bit, once completed the milling out of the barrel block is to be done.
  1. File off and sand smooth the areas on the frame that were milled with the drill bit. Continue until those areas are flush with the body of the frame.
  1. Using the correct drill bit, drill through the 6 holes (3 on each side) of the finishing jig and into the frame.
  1. Insert the magazine release and slide lock spring (which varies between the full-size and compact sizes) and connect with the slide lock.
  1. Once those components are in, the Locking Block Rail System (LRBS) can be inserted with gentle taps from a non-metal hammer. Using a punch insert the accompanying pin.
  1. Push the Rear Rail Module (RRM) into the rear segment of the frame, but do not add the accompanying pin just yet. 
  1. Complete the full trigger assembly and insert it into the frame finishing it off with the trigger pin.
  1. Take the smaller metal pin along with the slide stop lever and insert it so that the spring sits underneath and fits the smaller pin.

Ah if only it were that simple but for a recap and overview that is the process required for the correct installation of the rails.

P80 Rails G19

Frame: PF940Cv1

Compatibility: Glock 19/23/32 (3-Pin) Gen3 Components

Frame Dimensions: H 2.3” x L 10.2” x W 5.1”

Rear Rail Module

Locking Block Rail System

Pins: 2 x 3mm

P80 Rails G17

Frame: PF940v2

Compatibility: Glock 17/34/22 (3-Pin)

Rear Rail Module

Locking Block Rail System

Pins: 2 x 3mm

P80 Rails G26

Frame: PF940SC

Compatibility: Glock 26/27 Gen 3 parts

Rear Rail Module

Locking Block Rail System

Pins: 1 x 3mm & 1 x 2mm

Coil Slide Lock Spring

Buy Polymer80 Rails Only?

So, to answer this question bluntly we are going to say “Yes”.

The main reason for this comes down to the warranty. Polymer80 supplies all the parts necessary and should something go wrong, you would be covered under warranty.

polymer 80 rail kit

Now to add a little more context, we are going to add a “but…” after the answer because there are alternatives that may or may not be better than the P80 rails.

Metal Injection Molding vs Machined Forged Billet

To fully understand where our “but…” comes from we need to briefly explain the way in which these rails are manufactured.

Polymer80 and even Glock manufacture their rails through a process called Metal Injection Molding (MIM), which is great for producing small parts in mass.

Metal Injection Molding parts however are notorious for failing under stress and pressure over time, with the MIM grain structure wearing and exposing metal particles that are released into the surface.

Now when locking blocks are machined from a forged billet block of heat-treated stainless steel it results in better grain structure, more strength, a higher achievable surface, tighter tolerances, and most importantly everything is straight and parallel.

Alternatives to P80 Rails

ROOK Tactical

ROOK Tactical is one of those manufacturers that make use of machined forged billet and produce an excellent product that is gaining in popularity amongst P80 builders.

Polymer 80 Rails | ROOK Tactical

Founded in 2020 ROOK Tactical is a provider of Engineered Solutions for the dedicated, driven and discernible shooters of today.

With an initial focus on upgraded rails for Polymer Pistols of the 80% variety and GLOCK parts.

Get Pricing

Although a bit on the pricey side, possibly due to their fresh start in the industry, they offer a quality product and to some, the price may be worth it.

Riptide Rails

Riptide Rails gives the builder the option of purchasing just the rails as needed and offers them in either aluminum or stainless steel.

Be sure to check that the rails they have on offer are compatible with your P80 frame.

Wojtek Weaponry

If there is one thing you gotta love about Wojtek Weaponry it’s their product descriptions, you just know these guys have gone through it all and want to help others out.

P80 Rails | Wojtek Weaponry

Wojtek Weaponry (pronounced Voy-Tech) is a small company situated in New Hampshire with a focus on providing quality products at a decent price.

From adjustable gas blocks to sweet hats, Wojtek Weaponry likes to design or procure both useful and unique products out there for everyone from the discerning sportsman to the dedicated professional.

Get Pricing

While they offer a variety of rails, it is important to take note that their products are not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK and so they will not be covered under any type of warranty.


How do I polish Polymer 80 rails?

The more experienced builders may use a dremmel, however, in the wrong hands, it can cause more damage than good. Others have suggested using 1200-2000 grit sandpaper with a little gun oil. Remember you only looking to smooth off the rails, so only polish if necessary.

Can I just purchase the P80 front locking block and slide rail?

Yes, you can. Although Polymer80 does not exclusively offer the purchasing of individual rails, there are other manufacturers out there that do.


What you need to know about the rails on your Polymer80 build is to ensure you have the correct frame with corresponding rails. 

As much as we would all love to have all the pieces slide in smoothly, that isn’t the case so a little polishing, persuading, and patience is necessary when installing the rails.

polymer 80 locking block

Now, if you have read this far, it’s time to be rewarded and here it is. We sell the relevant rails right here on this page and offer everything you need for the build, so no need to look any further.

Or, you could leave a comment below on your experience with installing the rails, what tricks/tips you have for the other guys, or perhaps have a question on Polymer80 rails.

Drop it in the comments below and maybe we can help you out.

DISCLAIMER: This article and/or product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK. “GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of GLOCK, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by GLOCK, Inc. and GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. Neither 3D Gun Builder nor this site is affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc.


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