Who is Marine Gun Builder (MGB)

Marine Gun Builder is an influential figure in the world of Polymer 80 and do-it-yourself (DIY) gunsmithing. 

With a strong presence on social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and previously his own website, he has become a well-known resource for those interested in creating custom firearms. 

who is marine gun builder

Marine Gun Builder’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field have helped many enthusiasts build reliable, safe, and efficient firearms.

marine gun builder mgb youtube

In this article, we’ll explore the following topics:

  • Background and expertise of Marine Gun Builder
  • His impact on the Polymer 80 community
  • Tips and guidance provided by Marine Gun Builder
  • Disappearance and then reappearance shortly after

Background and Expertise

Marine Gun Builder is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who has been passionate about firearms since a young age. After his service, he decided to dive deeper into the world of firearms and gunsmithing. 

His dedication to learning and mastering the craft of building custom firearms has earned him respect and recognition within the Polymer 80 and DIY gunsmithing communities.

Focus on Polymer 80

Marine Gun Builder’s main focus is on Polymer 80 products. Polymer 80 is a company that manufactures 80% receivers, which are partially completed firearm components that can be completed by the end-user, legally allowing them to build a firearm without the need for a serial number.

Marine Gun Builder’s content revolves around building firearms based on these receivers, particularly Glock-style pistols and AR-style rifles.

Impact on the Polymer 80 Community

As a prominent figure in the Polymer 80 community, Marine Gun Builder has made a significant impact in various ways, including:

Education and Tutorials

Marine Gun Builder is committed to providing education and tutorials to his followers. 

Through his YouTube channel and website, he offers step-by-step guides on completing Polymer 80 receivers, troubleshooting issues and ensuring the final product is reliable and safe to use.

Some popular tutorials include:

Reviews and Comparisons

In addition to tutorials, Marine Gun Builder offers reviews and comparisons of various Polymer 80 products and aftermarket components.

what happened to marine gun builder

These reviews provide valuable information to the community, helping them make informed decisions when purchasing parts and accessories for their custom builds.

Some notable reviews include:

  • Comparing different Polymer 80 Glock-style pistol frames
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of various aftermarket triggers
  • Evaluating the durability and performance of Polymer 80 AR-style lower receivers

Community Involvement

Marine Gun Builder is actively engaged with the Polymer 80 and DIY gunsmithing communities. He participates in online forums and social media platforms, answering questions and providing guidance to those who need help with their builds. This involvement helps foster a sense of camaraderie and support within the community.

Tips and Guidance from Marine Gun Builder

Marine Gun Builder’s expertise and experience have led to a wealth of tips and guidance for those interested in Polymer 80 and DIY gunsmithing. 

Marine Gun Builder P80 Glock Build Overview

Tools and Equipment

Having the right tools and equipment is crucial for a successful build. 

Marine Gun Builder emphasizes the importance of investing in quality tools, such as:

  • A sturdy bench vise
  • A hand drill or drill press
  • Files and sandpaper for refining and fitting parts

First Time Quality Build

One of Marine Gun Builder’s mantras is always maintaining first time quality builds.

This is very important with Polymer 80 and other 80% builds because once the holes are drilled or polymer is removed it is hard to undo any rash mistakes.

Key tips in this area include:

  • Measuring and aligning components accurately
  • Fitting parts with precision
  • Regularly inspecting the firearm for any potential issues during assembly

Safety & Compliance

One crucial aspect of building a Polymer 80 firearm is adhering to federal, state, and local laws. 

Marine Gun Builder emphasizes the importance of understanding and following all legal requirements for building, possessing, and using custom firearms.

Safety should always be a top priority when building and using firearms. Marine Gun Builder provides guidance on how to maintain a safe working environment and ensure the firearms built are safe to operate.

What Happened to Marine Gun Builder

Rumors began to swirl in early 2022 when suddenly, Marine Gun builder’s website (marinegunbuilder.com) and his Youtube channel went completely offline.

Reddit threads were created and the Polymer 80 community wondered if MGB had been arrested, de-platformed, or visited by a three-letter agency(cough ATF).

It appears that none of this was true and MGB had finally decided to hang up his hat and the heat was not worth it.

While this can’t be verified obviously, Marine Gun Builder did eventually make a post on the /r/polymer80 subreddit explaining the situation and letting his paid subscribers know what was going on.

Thank you all for the tremendous show of support over the past few days. I appreciate you all more than words could ever express! This has been one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

We have valued VIPs who have subscribed monthly and/or yearly and need to get you folks squared away. If you are monthly it is pretty simple to stop the subscription in your paypal. Yearly folks who need a refund for unused time can get with me in the chat applet or through e-mail marinegunbuilder@gmail.com. I do not have a timeline of when the site will come back online so for now I don’t want anyone left in limbo. We had amazing custom pieces scheduled every month for you all. This tradition of paying it forward will carry forth! Patriots Serving Patriots is our motto and Gledhill has stepped up and volunteered to carry this tradition on. He will communicate through his various outlets for you all to sign up. He has a wix forum as well that works with the app here: http://wix.to/QEBBB9U?ref=m_cl

I want to assure you our data is safe. Also want to assure you no one here needs to be worrying about any nonsense with the gov’t. Trolls like to scare people. Please don’t feed the trolls and their rumors. We have always prided ourselves as a community built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We are good people learning and practicing a craft we love. We go against their narrative. We are what this industry is truly about.

The site will be up for the rest of the day with limited access, while I work on the subscriptions. Most of you got together on the table talk to stay connected. https://tlbtalk.com/groups/view/113

Finally, I want to reiterate – I am safe – we are safe. I provided the following statement to Mr. Crump for release: “Hi Mr. Crump – I can confirm I was not de-platformed. I recognize there will be lots of speculation why I chose to de platform myself. The thousands of Patriots in our community who trust me know I wouldn’t come to that personal decision lightly unless I felt it best. Those that don’t – well – they’ll do what they do best and troll the internet with wild theories. It was an absolute pleasure to have you on the livestream last week and the perfect guest for what would be the last one. Thank you for all you do Mr. Crump.”

Any speculation other than this is wrong!!!

/r/polymer80 SubReddit


Marine Gun Builder has become a trusted resource for the Polymer 80 and DIY gunsmithing communities. His dedication to sharing his knowledge and expertise has helped countless enthusiasts create custom firearms that are reliable, safe, and efficient. 

If there is one thing he has taught the 80% building and 3D printed gun world it is to take your time, be patient, and ensure FIRST TIME BUILD QUALITY.

By following his guidance, tips, and tutorials, builders can ensure a successful and enjoyable experience in the world of Polymer 80 and DIY gunsmithing.

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