Best 3D Printed Glocks (7 Frames + Files)

The brand Gock is synonymous with many things from 80% pistols, law enforcement, gangster rap, and now 3D printing.

The Glock offers versatility, aftermarket parts availability, and OEM polymer-based frame that simply, makes sense, as an application for 3D printing.

best 3d printed glock

As such, there have been many Glock frames released by different 3D gun developers on the internet.

3D Gun Builder brings you a list of our 7 favorite 3D printed Glock options.

3D Printed Glocks & Reliability

How long do 3D printed Glocks last? Are printed Glocks reliable?

3D printed Glock (at least for the more popular models i.e. DDx.2) have been tested for very good reliability in the 2,000 to 3,000 rounds range.

#1 3D Glock Build Kit
3D Printed Glock 19 Build Kit

Husky Armory’s 3D Printed Glock 19 (FMDA DD19.2) kit includes everything you need to complet your 3D printed Glock frame.


- Glock 19 ‘Iditarod’ Slide Kit

- Lower Parts Kit

- Standard Glock 19 Sights

- Aves DD19.2 Rail Kit

- Aves Glock 19 Locking Block

Build your Glock

There are of course factors that can contribute to the durability of your print, like:

  • Print Quality
  • Printing Material
  • Quality of Parts Kit
  • 3D Printer Operators Experience

While this reliability range may seem low to you, once you have some more 3D printing experience under your belt, reprinting frames becomes easier.

Many, with the proper paperwork, even 3D print glock auto sears to make their pistol full auto.

In short, we would say, yes, 3D printed Glocks are reliable.

3D Printed Glock Safety

Are 3D printed Glocks safe to build and shoot?

Generally, yes, 3D printed Glocks are safe. We would consider these types of 3D printed handguns safe for several reasons:

  • OEM Glock Frames are Plastic
  • The combustion (go bang) is contained within the Slide
  • Bonus: Don’t be a p. and send it

Having personally shot 10,000+ rounds through these 3D printed Glocks, I have never felt “not safe”.

The main issues you will have are malfunctions, including failure to eject, fire, and return to battery.

3D Printed Glocks (Ranked)


DD19.2 G19

The FMDA DD19.2 3D Printed Glock 19 Pistol Frame

Views: 87324
Downloads: 9482
Details Download

The DD19.2 is the gold standard of 3D printed Glock frames.

Modeled after one of the most popular handguns, the Glock 19, this frame has the versatility and reliability to be your everyday carry.

The DD19.2 was designed by FMDA and is compatible with all Glock gen. 3 parts.

If you are just getting started 3d printing guns this frame is a great starting point due to its extensive testing and development.


DD17.2 Glock 17

The FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock Pistol Frame

Views: 18302
Downloads: 4921
Details Download

The DD17.2 is the big brother or full-size version of the DD19.2.

With similar reliability, this is another excellent choice for those that enjoy full-sized pistols.

The DD17.2 has improved accuracy and higher magazine capacity found in an OEM Glock 17.


G19.2.3 Oem-ish

The G19.2.3 Oem-ish 3D Printed Glock 19 OEM Syle.

Views: 8021
Downloads: 1921
Details Download

Remixes are popular in the 3D printing community.

The DD19.2 being one of the most downloaded 3D printed handguns means that naturally many variations have been created.

The DD19.2.3 OEM-ish modified the original to include ergonomics, grip, and stippling more in line with an OEM Glock 19.


DD26.2 Glock 26

3D printed Glock 26 pistol.

Views: 12992
Downloads: 4322
Details Download

If you have not noticed by now the FMDA (Free Men Don’t Ask) DD series of Glock pistol frames are at the top of everyone’s list.

The DD26.2 is no exception. This sub-compact modeled after the Glock 26 is another reliable and easy-to-print pistol frame that has improved concealment while maintaining a high round capacity.


DD43.1 Glock 43

3D printed Glock 43 frame by FMDA.

Views: 7488
Downloads: 3102
Details Downloads

This is the last FMDA pistol, we promise.

The DD43.1 is the Glock 43 or single stack 3D printed handgun that is considered a micro-compact.

Small enough to fit in a pocket while packing a punch via 9mm JHPs. There can be more fitment issues due to the smaller size of the DD43.1 but it is still a very well-tested and robust 3D printed Glock frame.


The Glocknofsky

Double-barreled Glock 19 frame.

Views: 4593
Downloads: 982
Details Downloads

Would any 3D printed Glock list be complete without a solid meme gun?

The Glocknofsky combines two Glock pistols into a single 3D printed double-Glock designed for maximum power and minimal usability.

While maybe not as multi-purpose as the Glong, the Glocknofsky is a great choice for those interested in dual-wielding 3D handguns.

Ship to Door Option

Polymer 80 Frames


The best Polymer 80 frames including the Polymer 80 PF940v2 (Full Size), PF940C (Compact), PF9SS (Single Stack), PF45 (Large Frame), or PF940SC(Sub Compact).

Get Pricing

While the Polymer 80 is not a 3D printed pistol the frames are still a great option for those interested in ghost guns.

The Polymer 80 is available in nearly every Glock model and caliber and has become even more reliable over the years.

Husky Armory has Polymer 80 Frames in-stock and ready to ship.


The 3D printed Glock is one of the best ways to get your feet wet in the world of 3D gunsmithing.

With the endless slide options, various Glock-style frame models, and well-tested prints starting with this classic just makes sense.

Grab yourself and Ender 3 v2 and some 3D printer filament for firearms and you will be ready to hit the range with your ghost gun in no time!

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