Glock Full Auto Switch

The Glock full auto switch has been around for a long time at this point.

Recent innovations in firearms such as 80% Glocks and 3D printing have made the 3D Glock full auto switch or auto sear even more popular.

glock full auto switch

There have also been full auto conversion kits designed for the AR15 such as the Swift Link or Yankee Boogle.

Glock Switches and possessing, building, or selling components 3D printed or otherwise to make firearms fully automatic is illegal. The federal government and the ATF take such items as Glock switches very seriously.

Be sure you have the proper licensing, permits, and tax stamps before purchasing, building, 3D printing, or posing any type of firearms component that aids in conversion to full auto.


Ok, now that we got the disclaimer out of the way onto the fun stuff(Glock switches are often referred to as “fun” switches).

#1 3D Glock Build Kit
3D Printed Glock 19 Build Kit

Husky Armory’s 3D Printed Glock 19 (FMDA DD19.2) kit includes everything you need to complet your 3D printed Glock frame.


– Glock 19 ‘Iditarod’ Slide Kit

– Lower Parts Kit

– Standard Glock 19 Sights

– Aves DD19.2 Rail Kit

– Aves Glock 19 Locking Block

Build your Glock

What Is a Glock Switch

A Glock Switch (Glock Auto SEAR or Glock full auto conversion) is a plastic or metal switch that is attached to the rear of a Glock’s slide to make the handgun fully automatic.

The Glock full auto switch is compatible with the following models:

      • Glock 17

      • Glock 19

      • Glock 26

      • Glock 23

      • Glock 43

      • Nearly all Glock models convert to full auto

    glock switch selector

    A Glock switch opens up whats known as the SEAR(the component that only allows the pistol to fire once per trigger pull) to now make the gun full auto.

    How Does Glock Auto Sear Work

    We reached out to a gun store owner that has sold thousands of Glocks to explain the Glock auto sear.

    Detroit gunshop owner Randy Mullins explains the Glock full auto switch as follows, “As a switch, it would just snap on to the back of the gun and switch it from semi-automatic to full auto”. 

    “It has a standard backplate…and a sear on the inside of the gun, which stops the gun from firing more than one round at a time as the trigger is pulled” Mullins stated.

    The Glock auto sear disconnects the mechanism allowing the gun to fire at a fully automatic rate.

    glock full auto switch parts

    As with most things in life and in gunsmithing small, simple changes can create dramatically different results.

    How to Install Switch on a Glock

    ATF Approval Only

    A standard Glock full auto switch consist of three parts:

        • Selector Rod

        • Disconnector

        • Conversion Back Plate or End Cap

      Below are the directions for those that have the proper paperwork, approval and federal firearms license to utilize a Glock switch:

          1. Pull back the slide on your Glock and get it to the locked open position.

          1. Place a small screwdriver beetween the metal firing pin notch and the plastic firing pin jacket.

          1. Use the screwdriver to lever the plastic firing pin jacket away from the metal firing pin notch.

          1. While holding back the firing pin jacket, remove the end cap or back plate by liting and prying away from the back of the Glock.

          1. You should now see the tiny spring loaded extractor plunger

          1. Take the assembled Glock switch and using the screwdriver again pry the plastic firing pin jacket away from the metal firing pin notch

          1. insert the aGlock switch where the previous end cap was installed.

          1. Use the screwdriver to push the spring loaded extractor plunger to allow the full auto sear to snap into Place

          1. You now will need to “rack” the slide back and forthe 15 – 20 times to ensure there is a channel for the disconnector in the frame of the aGlock

          1. Set the selector switch to desired rate semi or full auto

          1. Test fire your full auto Glock

        A Glock full auto switch in the vast majority of cases is not legal to own, possess, or build.

        As stated, the only time converting a Glock to full auto is legal is if you have an FFL(federal firearms license) and all of the other completed paperwork approved by the ATF(Bueuro of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms).

        installed glock switch

        There has been a large number of reported cases where someone has been arrested or charged with a federal crime for owning or manufacturing a Glock full auto switch.

        Many shipments have been seized and sent from overseas and the Glock switch is often marketed online as an everyday household item to stay under the radar.

        Glock Full Auto Switch Online

        There have been many sellers (foreign and domestic) on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Wish, eBay, and Amazon selling the Glock full auto switch online.

        If you have been paying attention so far, selling these switches is absolutely not legal.

        glock full auto siezed

        Even purchasing these Glock switches that are marketed as everyday items from paper weights, coat hangers, airsoft full auto switches, etc will often result in a visit to your home from the ATF or FBI.

        We do not condone or encourage non-licsenced individuals to attempt to procure a Glock Switch from any online marketplace regardless of the accessability.

        Polymer 80 Switch

        As with most things related to Polymer 80 Frames, with the proper licensing you can install a normal Glock Switch onto a P80 compact, sub-compact, or almost any version.

        The p80 is made to be compatible with almost all Glock Gen. 3 parts and accessories.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How does a fully automatic Glock work?

        The fully automatic glock works by preventing the SEAR from connecting which is what usually allows for a Glock to only shoot once per trigger pull also referred to as semi automatic.

        Does a switch work on any Glock?

        Yes, auto sears have been designed to work on nearly ever type of Glock or Polymer 80 regardless of caliber, model, or size.

        Can you 3D print a Glock switch?

        Yes, there have been several full auto Glock switch designs release online by the 3D gun building community.

        Again, these are still not legal to 3D print or DIY withough the neccisary licesncing and paperwork.

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