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Yankee Boogle(Swift Link)

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Yankee Boogle(Swift Link) STL Files

The Yankee Boogle is a 3D Printed Swift Link that makes any mil-spec AR-15 full auto.

If you are new to the 3D printed or DIY, gun space you may be wondering what in the heck is a Yankee Boogle or Swift link.

The Yankee Boogle is loved by 2A and freedom advocates absolutely despised by the ATF and Mom’s Demand Action.

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The Yankee Boogle is a Swift Link designed to drop into any AR-15 with a military spec bolt carrier group.

What does the Yankee Boogle do once dropped into an AR you ask? The AR-15 has now gone from semi-auto to full auto.

Initially posted and designed by Dugan Ashley the Yankee Boogle (the name a mashup of Yankee Doodle and Boogaloo) cemented its place in the new generation of gun builders and liberty-minded folks.

There is also a 3D printed file called an auto-seer that is designed to make Glocks and Polymer 80s full auto.



Original Yankee Boogle Release Trailer

The Yankee Boogle first came on the scene in the summer of 2016.

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Dugan Ashley, a veteran and 2A supporter decided that he was going to design and build a functional full auto AR-15 using only a 3D printer and some basic materials.

The idea was not to build just another lower receiver but to create something that could be dropped into any mil-spec AR-15.

This brought about the idea for a next-generation Swift Link in partnership with Deterance Dispensed to make ARs full auto again.

While the Yankee Boogle blew up on the DIY 3D printed firearm scene the idea of a Swift Link for DIAR (drop in auto ser) has been around for decades.

In years past if you did not have the milling equipment to build a metal Swift Link there were many concepts of people using coathangers to convert their ARs to full-auto.

Dugan’s Yankee Boogle made the Swift Link concept available to everyone (proper legal paperwork and licensing in order of course).

Dugan Ashley has all but guaranteed his spot in both the liberty and 3D printed gun hall of fame.

The Yankee Boogle works with the following setups:

  • Standard AR FCG 
  • Most AR lowers
  • Full Auto BCG (most AR15s have this, PSA, Daniel Defense, BCM, BCA)

The Yankee Boogle will not work with some commercial AR-15s that do not have the required carrier, including:

  • Ruger
  • Colt

Required Parts for the Yankee Boogle 3D Build

Building your own Yankee Boogle and making your AR-15 go full pew does not require any tools or additional parts.

You will however need a 3D printer and filament.

The following 3D printing guidelines have been suggested after extensive testing:

  • Print at 100% infill with support
  • The Yankee Boogle works in PLA but would work better in a more wear-resistant polymer like nylon.
  • STL is oriented correctly for print orientation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Yankee Boogle Swift Link Work?

Yes, the Yankee Boogle Swift Link is a functional drop-in full auto sear for the AR-15.
No, the Yankee Boogle will not work with an AR-10 or any other platform.

Is the Yankee Boogle Legal?

No, for most US citizens, the Yankee Boogle Swift link is not legal due to the possession of fully auto firearms being illegal. However, if you have a Class 3 firearms license with the correct permits and tax stamps, the Yankee Boogle can then be legal.

3D Gun Developer

dugan ashley yankee boogle author compressed

Dugan Ashley aka CarniK Con was a Youtuber, 3d gun author, and general all-around mad scientist.

Dugan was known for his controversial and sometimes outright dangerous videos.

Dugan created the Yankee Boogle design as well as many others.

Dugan’s work in the 3D printed gun space was instrumental in advancing state-of-the-art DIY firearms.

He shut down his Youtube channel in 2015 but his work and legend live on.

Dugan’s name is still invoked by many in the 3D-printed gun community when discussing new designs or innovations in the field.

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