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Hoffman Tactical’s Active Trigger System for the AR15 Platform

Hoffman Tactical Super Safety Details

The Super Safety is a game-changing mechanism designed to enhance the efficiency of the AR15 rifle platform.

Developed to assist with actively reseting the trigger of AR-15 platform firearms and is a drop in replacement for the stock safety, the Super Safety is the next revolution for the talented Hoffman Tactical.

Interested in other upgrades for your AR15? With the correct paperwork you can make your gun fully automatic with the drop-in Swift Link (Auto Sear).

Each Super Safety mode has its own unique advantages, and depends on the 3D gun builders preference and local regulations.

Super Safety in the Wild



Super Safety Tech Specs

The Super Safety is what is being dubbed an “active reset” trigger.

When you pull the trigger the internal cam with push the trigger forward, thereby “actively resetting” the mechanism.

The Super Safety currently offers two versions, including:

Single Mode – This cam has two positions safe and active reset

Dual Mode – This cam has three positions safe, active reset, and passive reset.

It also appears that Hoffman Tactical has done their legal due diligence and to date this does not violate any current Federal laws or regulations.

Required Parts for the Hoffman Tactical Super Safety


  • Filament
  • 3D Printer
  • Complete AR15


  • Trigger (Spare)
  • Safety Detent (Spare)


  • Dremel Tool
  • Polishing Sandpaper
  • Punch Set Armorer

Suggested 3D Printed Super Safety Settings

Nozzle0.25 mm
Layer Height0.10 mm
Wall Count4
Temperature210 c
Infill Density50%
SupportsCam Only
Support TypeTree
Cooling Fan0%
Bed AdhesionGlue
Note: Print very slowly for the best layer adhesion


Any of the below filament types will work for 3D printing the Hoffman Tactical Super Safety:

  • Polymaker PA12-CF

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