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rgb crescent 3d printed suppressor

RGB Crescent Suppressor STL Files

Hybrid silencer designed for 9mm and 300blk

Rest In Power

Long after you and I are gone, long after all of this is over and the next generation (god help them) inherit the Earth, many names will reverberate in the annals of GunCAD’s history, retelling the many tales of legendary brilliance and bravado, but few of them will speak as loud as Ruby G Builds.

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This page covers only one of her feats, the suppressor that would survive her, but I fully encourage you to check out her other designs, as well as learn about her story.

The Crescent is the first of its kind: a solid-body, hybrid system rated for 9mm and 300AAC, providing not only sound suppression, forwarding, and flash suppression but also support for fully automatic fire.

F*** yeah.

As with any build dealing with items regulated by the National Firearms Act, 3DGunBuilder advises prospective builders to exercise extreme caution when tackling a release like this one. Be aware of all applicable laws in your legal jurisdiction and take care to file any necessary paperwork. We are not lawyers, nor are we responsible for any repercussions you experience. Nothing here is legal advice.

RGB Crescent Suppressor in the Wild



RGB Crescent Technical Specs

The files are designed to accommodate PLA+ as a minimum, and documentation recommends specific print settings. Durability may vary depending on selected print settings and printing materials.

Documentation provides instructions for 2 different methods of post-processing, as well as directions for ATF Form 1 compliance. Use of a serial plate, customized and purchased from MAF, is recommended by documentation to avoid legal troubles associated with illegally manufactured suppressors.

The design is meant to accommodate all 9mm cartridges, as well as all subsonic 300AAC varieties. Please note that the design is not compatible with firearms that make use of a tilting barrel, and was meant primarily for pistol-caliber carbines. Testing is currently ongoing for other calibers (5.7x28mm, 5.56, etc.).

The extensive documentation covers all aspects of the design philosophy, engineering, and beta testing history of the Crescent, and we very much recommend you read the entire thing, as it provides unique insight into how such a revolutionary release was brought to life.

RGB Crescent Parts List


  • Externally threaded muzzle brake (optional, HRT post processing)
  • Heat set serial plate (recommended, Form 1 compliance)


  • 1 – Wooden dowel (12″/300mm L, ¾”/10mm W)
  • 1 – Thread changer (½” – 28 to ⅝” – 24) (optional, PBER post processing)


  • Stovetop (optional, HRT post processing)
  • Epoxy resin (optional, PBER post processing)
  • Soldering iron (recommended, Form 1 compliance)

RGB Crescent Build Instructions

Truly one for the history books, the RGB Crescent is hearing protection, democratized. Download and build one today!

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