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komodaru flash can

Komodaru Flash Can STL Files

3D printed flash can muzzle device

Komodaru Flash Can Details

The Komodaru flash can is a 3D printed muzzle device designed by 3D gun developer and Japan aficionado RICECUTTA.


The Komodaru is still in beta. We will update this post and include the download link once available.

The big stand out with the Komodaru is its absolutely gorgeous aesthetic and factory durability. 2023 has been the year of the muzzle device with many recent releases including the Burnt Bacon flash can.

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NFA suppressors can cost thousands of dollars, RICECUTTA brings the drip to all 3D printed guns for the price of a few cheeseburgers.

The Komodaru has been tested and held strong on calibers up to .30 carbine due to the metal components utilized internally.

Komodaru Flash Can in the Wild



Komodaru Flash Can Tech Specs

The Komodaru is essentially a slick 3D printed housing for its internal metal components.

The Komodaru utilized a metal thread adapter (male hose adapter reducer fitting connector) and a fastener coupling nut 3/4-1 to allow for a large amount of force (combustion) without fear of blowing up in your hands.

RICECUTTA also includes the STEP files to allow users to adjust the Komodaru’s length, size, and overall options to adapt to whatever firearm they wish to install it on.

There are essentially three components to the Komodaru including the metal parts, 3D printed flash can housing, and K-Cap.

There are provided STLs for both standard and tall-sized Komodarus.

Required Parts for the Komodaru Flash Can


  • Filament
  • 3D Printer


2 x m3x6mm bolts and nuts (I used button head bolts from ace hardware)

1 x Podavelle 1/2-28 Female to 3/4-16 13/16-16 3/4 NPT Male Hose Adapter Reducer Fitting Connector

1 x Hard-to-Find Fastener 014973322281 Coupling Nuts, 3/4-16

Suggested 3D Komodaru Muzzle Device Settings

The slicer settings for Komodaru Flash Can are as follows:

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Walls: 4 – 5

Infill: 100%

Layer Height: 0.12-0.2mm – recommended height from the original part can change based on judgment.

Temp: 215 – 218/60C

Infill pattern: Concentric

Supports: On/Everywhere


  • PLA+ (eSun, Polymerk or stronger)
  • Basically, any filament as all of the force takes place within the metal components

Trying to add some drip but not spend 2k+ on an overpriced suppressor? Print the Komodaru flash can today!

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