3D Printed Suppressors

3d printed suppressors stl files

3D Printed Suppressors STL Files

3D Printed Suppressors & Silencers to stop the hearing aid industry

One of the most impressive innovations to come from 3D printing is the ability to produce 3D printed suppressors.

While traditional suppressors are often expensive and difficult to obtain, 3D printed suppressors offer a more affordable and accessible option for 3D printed firearm enthusiasts.

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In this article, we will explore the history of 3D printed suppressors and take a look at some of the different types of 3D printed suppressors that are available on the market today.

Updated for 2023

We have added the latest 3D printed suppressors including the RGB Crescent, Komodaru Flash Can, and Burnt Bacon silencer systems

Best 3D Printed Suppressor STLs (Updated 2023)

While 3D printed suppressors are a newer technology, there is already a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from.

If you are interested in building your own 3D printed suppressor, be sure to do your research and find the 3D printed suppressor STLs or files that best suit your needs.

With the help of 3D printing, anyone can build their own suppressor.

RGB Crescent Suppressor 3D Printed

Hybrid silencer designed for 9mm and 300blk

Developer: RubyGB

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The RGB Crescent is a unique hybrid silencer that is specially designed to work with 9mm and 300 AAC Blackout subsonic ammunition.

It is considered to be the most advanced 3D printed suppressor currently available, and is priced affordably at under $250 (including the tax stamp provided by the ATF).

The Crescent was created by RubyGB, a respected member of the 3D printed gun community, who aimed to continue the work of Jstark by making suppressed firearms accessible to enthusiasts worldwide.

Burnt Bacon (Faux Suppressor) 3D Printed

A Multi-Caliber Flash-Can 100% 3D Printed

Developer: AWCY

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The Burnt Bacon is an innovative flash can that redirects the gas and noise from each shot forward, offering both utility and style for 3D printed gun enthusiasts.

Created by the team at AWCY, this flash can has been extensively tested across various calibers and platforms. While it can handle higher calibers, it is recommended to use smaller volleys of fire to ensure proper cooling.

The KC9 also includes a specific file for this 3D gun, but it is important to avoid rifle rounds in this configuration for safety reasons.

Komodaru Flash Can 3D Printed

3D printed flash can muzzle device

Developer: RICECUTTA

Learn More Beta

The Komodaru flash can is a stunning 3D printed muzzle device created by RICECUTTA, a 3D gun developer and Japan enthusiast.

Although still in beta, the Komodaru is highly anticipated for its beautiful design and exceptional durability. This year has seen many new releases in the muzzle device category, including the Burnt Bacon flash can.

Unlike NFA suppressors that can cost thousands of dollars, the Komodaru offers affordable style for all 3D printed guns. It has been thoroughly tested and is capable of handling calibers up to .30 carbine thanks to its internal metal components.

Shush Puppy Suppressor

The Shush Puppy is a fully 3D printed, modular suppressor

Developer: Ctrl Pew

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The Shush Puppy is a fully printed, modular suppressor system.

The Shush Puppy is modular and ready to print for firearms chambered in 9mm without any regulated or controlled replacement parts.

Most previous 3D printed suppressor designs required purchasing a “fuel filter” from an auto parts manufacturer but the Shush Puppy requires zero off-the-shelf components.

The Shush Puppy skirts the – no replacement parts – ATF rule by being modular in design and all ready-built parts.

The durability of the Shush Puppy is quite impressive considering this is a plastic printed suppressor.

This suppressor system has been tested without failure using 9mm to over 1000 rounds of ammunition.

Several other testers have several 100 rounds shot using the Shush Puppy in both .45 and .40 ammo.

KCAD Suppressor System

3D-Printable Fuel Filter Baffels

Developer: Deterrence Dispensed

Learn More Download STL

The suppressor or silencer was created in the early 1900s.

Since this time people have strived to find ways to build DIY suppressors due to their high prices and hoops to jump through at local gun stores.

Queue the KCAD 3D suppressor pack.

With the advent of 3D printing, suppressors have now become widely available in a huge number of calibers, guns, and sizes.

The KCAD 3D printed suppressor pack contains 640 files, custom designed in both STEP and STL formats.

The files are designed to fit many frames and many calibers allowing you to create a total of 66,380 3D suppressor combinations(JFC BTW).

The suppressors are of various sizes in length including 17 caliber to 73 caliber.

These 100% 3D printed suppressors can be used with any caliber you could dream up.

If you are wondering if they have a 3D printed suppressor for your firearm, this would be the STL/file pack that has you covered.

The Saturn Suppressor System is a 3D Printable 22lr Suppressor.

The Saturn Suppressor System is an easy and fast 3D print that is 100% homemade and includes an optional washer for reinforcement.

This Saturn silencer is rated for the light shooting of 22lr without the washer reinforcement. However, for rapid firing 22lr, you will want to add the washer to ensure your personal safety.

KCAD 3D Printed Fuel Filter Baffels

3D printed components for suppressor systems

Developer: KadeCAD1

Learn More Download STL

The KCAD 3D Printable Fuel Filter Baffles allow the use of commercially purchased fuel filters to be converted into a 3D printed firearm suppressor.

WARNING! These fuel filters cannot handle the pressures of supersonic 223 or more powerful loads. However, they can handle all subsonic ammo.

The KCAD 3D Printed Fuel Filter Baffles allow for firing all types of ammunition (All calibers), as well as all handgun ammo (supersonic and subsonic).

This STL pack is perfect for those that want the durability of metal with the flexibility of 3D printing.

Note: These require a Form 1 from the ATF and you need to follow all state, local, and federal laws when building suppressors.

FGC 9 3D Printed

3D printed suppressor for the most accessible firearm in the world

Developer: Jstark1809

Learn More Download STL

The FGC9 suppressor / adapter system is a remix of the Saturn suppressor system for a 9mm-appropriately sized barrel (with strong threading).

This FGC9 suppressor Includes a printed washer, thread adapter for the end of the barrel (attaches with 5/32″ set screws or your own method), and a flash hider for when you can’t let the suppressor be seen.

This is the perfect match of a totally 3D printed FGC9 with a 100% 3D printed suppressor.

3D Printed Suppressor Materials

Most of these 3D printed suppressors are built in the material of choice for 3D printed gun builders, PLA+.

There has been research into other materials but when it comes to pressure dynamics and the danger of firearms, you will want to be careful when testing new 3D printed suppressor materials.

The following types of firearms currently have 3D printed suppressor options available online:

3D Printed Suppressor 9MM

  • Shush Puppy
  • K-CAD 3D Printed Suppressor Pack V1.0
  • KCAD 3D-Printable Fuel Filter Baffles
  • Suppressor/adapter for FGC9

3D Printed Suppressor AR 15

  • HUXWRX Safety Co. (formerly OSS Suppressors) 556k Suppressor
  • Shush Puppy
  • K-CAD 3D Printed Suppressor Pack V1.0
  • KCAD 3D-Printable Fuel Filter Baffles

3D Printed Suppressor 22LR

  • Saturn Suppressor System
  • Shush Puppy
  • K-CAD 3D Printed Suppressor Pack V1.0
  • KCAD 3D-Printable Fuel Filter Baffles

3D Printed Suppressor Airsoft

Currently, there do not appear to be 3D printed suppressors available to fit airsoft guns.

The great part about the 3D printed firearm community is that anyone can join and start creating.

If you are looking for a 3D project to get into maybe a 3D printed airsoft suppressor is the perfect starter project for you.

3D Printed Suppressor Videos

In short, yes 3D printed and store-bought suppressors are both legal.

You do however need to file a Form 1 with the ATF if you are 3D printing and/or making your own suppressor at home.

There are of course many hoops to jump through but Reddit user /u/NationalGunTrusts created an excellent guide on every step to file a Form 1 authorization with the ATF.

Warning: Not following your state, local and federal regulations with regard to owning, possessing, or building a 3D printed suppressor can get you in a lot of hot water and is highly illegal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are OSS suppressors 3D printed?

Yes, the 556k suppressor designed by HUXWRX Safety Co. (formerly OSS Suppressors) is a 3D printed suppressor using their patented technology in Salt Lake City, UT.


So, what do you think? Are 3D printed suppressors a viable option for those looking to save on costs and stay within the law?

While homemade suppressors may not be as durable as their commercial counterparts, they are a great way to get started in the world of suppressed shooting and offer affordability not previously seen.

Have you tried printing your own suppressor?

Let us know how it went in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: 3D STL files are for learning and documentation purposes only. The users of this website and files need to be aware of all applicable local, state, federal and regional laws. 3D Gun Builder does not encourage, condone, or promote any illegal activity.

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DISCLAIMER: 3D STL files are for learning and documentation purposes only. The users of this website and files need to be aware of all applicable local, state, federal and regional laws. 3D Gun Builder does not encourage, condone, or promote any illegal activity.

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