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shush puppy suppressor

Shush Puppy Suppressor STL Files

The Shush Puppy is a fully 3D printed, modular suppressor

Shush Puppy Suppressor Details

The Shush Puppy is an innovative suppressor design that sets itself apart from previous options on the market. Unlike monolithic designs restricted to smaller caliber ammunition, or baffles that require additional outer tube purchases, this suppressor is modular and 3D printable with a 9mm capability and requires only one purchase of a firearm part- the muzzle device.

Note: Make sure you have the proper paperwork prior to printing the Shush Puppy. Failure to do so could create serious legal consequences.

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Shush Puppy Suppressor Tech Specs

The Shush Puppy suppressor design addresses the issue of maintaining DIY suppressors, as technically speaking, maintenance on form 1 suppressors should be handled by SOT/FFL. With Shush Puppy’s modular design, new baffles can be replaced without sending the entire suppressor for maintenance.

The durability of the design has been thoroughly tested, as my personal 9mm version has already fired one thousand rounds over the course of a year. Other testers have also modified the bore to accommodate larger calibers and tested up to 100 rounds with no issues. While it has yet to be tested with rifle rounds, the Shush Puppy’s design has great potential for suppressing 22LR, 9mm, 380, 40, and 45 pistol rounds with a modified bore.

Required Parts for the Shush Puppy Suppressor


  • An approved ATF Form 1 and stamp.
  • An idea of the OAL of your suppressor.

Materials Required

You will need a standard toolset with the usual firearm-focused tools to complete the Sush Puppy Suppressor:

  • 4x 1⁄4” threaded rods equal to or longer than the OAL of your suppressor.
  • 8x Hex Nuts that match the thread of the threaded rod. Usually 1⁄4 x 20.
  • 8x washers with a 1⁄4” hole
  • Superglue
  • Loctite (optional)
  • “KAK Industries 1/2X28 MICRO “SLIM LINE” Flash Can – .223 / 5.56 (also fits 9mm)”
  • An aluminum flat bar 1/8th” or 1/16th”

Tools Required

  • A mallet/hammer/press/sledge
  • Wrench, pliers for the nuts
  • A hacksaw
  • A metal file
  • A 3D printer
  • A blowtorch (the blue benzomatic ones are fine)
  • Pliers
  • A punch or screwdriverLetter Punch Stamps of at least 2mm / 1/16th”

Suggested 3D Print Settings

Cura or Prusa, 3D gun defaults, will work for a great finished product when printing the Shush Puppy 3D printed suppressor.


  • 2-3 Spools of filament –
    • Esun PLA+ is verified
    • Other PLA+ or PRO should work to a similar performance level
    • PLA will also work but will wear faster than PLA

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