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m202 flash rocket launcher

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“Flame Assault Shoulder” American 66mm rocket launcher

M202 Flash Rocket Launcher Details

Once thought to be a pipe dream the days of the 3D printed rocket launcher have finally arrived.

The M202 FLASH Rocket Launcher is a man-portable, four-barrel rocket launcher originally designed to replace World War II-era flamethrowers.

The M202 FLASH launcher features incendiary rounds and is a lightweight, individual rocket launcher intended to be used by a single operator. It is also known as the “Flame Assault Shoulder” and was tested in the Vietnam War.

Wild Arms Research and Developments M202 design is nearly 100% 3D printed and includes testing rounds (ordinance) to go launch rockets at your (cough) private range.

To clarify, if you 3D print the M202 Flash rocket launcher and install 66mm caliber barrels or use anti-personnel ammunition of a different caliber, the firearm would be classified as a Destructive Device under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

This means that you would need to submit an approved Form 1 to the ATF in order to legally make the M202 (US residents only).

M202 Flash Rocket Launcher in the Wild



M202 Flash Rocket Launcher Tech Specs

The M202 Flash by Wild Arms is chambered in 66mm rockets and includes a Super bazooka optic.

The design is mostly 3D printed with off-the-shelf tubing and an electronic ignition system for firing the rockets.

You can learn more on the build process, history, and creator of the 3D printed M202 Flash by picking up a copy of Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon : M202A1 Flash by Jonathan Wild.

Required Parts for the M202 Flash Rocket Launcher


Suggested 3D Printed M202 Flash Settings

Wall ThicknessN/A
Nozzle0.4 mm
Layer Height0.12 mm – 0.20 mm
Wall CountN/A
Temperature215 F – 220 F
SupportsOn / Everywhere
Support TypeN/A
Cooling FanN/A
Bed AdhesionAny


  • PLA+ (eSun, Polymaker Pro or stronger)

Looking to one up the neighbor across the street? You don’t need to buy a corvette.

3D print the M202 Flash rocket launcher and be the win the “most prepared for a zombie apocalypse” award by 1000 miles.

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