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Case Deflector (T-91/AR15)

case deflector 3d ar15

Case Deflector (T-91/AR15) STL Files

Small accessory to deflect cases on the T-91 & AR15

Case Deflector (T-91/AR15) Details

The “brass” case deflector was initially designed for the T-91 firearm platform.

This accessory also works well on many AR15s and helps to kick your expended casings in the right direction.

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The case deflector is designed to be unobtrusive and sit under LPVOs and other optics.

Case Deflector (T-91/AR15) in the Wild


Case Deflector (T-91/AR15) Tech Specs

The case deflector is built with a clamp that locks in place over the top rail using common nuts & bolts found at any hardware store.

The STL files (3D print files) are separated into two pieces, the deflector body and the deflector clamp.

Required Parts for the Case Deflector (T-91/AR15)


  • Filament
  • 3D Printer


  • 2 – M3 x 25mm Bolts
  • 2 – M3 Nuts


  • Allen key set

Suggested 3D Printed Case Deflector Settings

Nozzle0.4 mm
Layer Height0.15 mm
Temperature230 F / 60 C
Infill Density100%
SupportsOn / Full
Support TypeTree
Cooling Fan20% Normal / 50% Bridges
Bed AdhesionGluestick / Hairspray


  • PLA+ (eSun, Polymaker Pro or stronger)

If you are tired of taking hot brass to the face, this is an easy and quick 3D print to solve the issue.

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