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DIY 37mm repeating signaling device

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If anyone asks you how AWCY? became known as the kings of the launcher scene, point at this release. Not satisfied with the single-shot break-action options available at the time, DannyMeatball & Co. decided to do what any reasonable person would and shook up the scene with the B.A.L.L.S. pump action 37mm signaling device.

Being probably the most involved build of its category, this release took the bar and put it on the moon, so prospective builders should stock up on elbow grease before tackling this monster of a project.

Check out some of our other launchers we covered including the Anarchy 37mm, M202 Flash or even the Frankentfaust.

Of course, as with any launcher, 3DGunBuilder recommends exercising extreme caution when beginning this project, as it requires handling dangerous materials, especially if you’re planning on making your own signals to launch. Keep all your fingers, life’s more fun that way.

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B.A.L.L.S. Launcher Technical Specifications

The files are designed to accommodate PLA+ as a minimum. Documentation recommends specific print settings. Durability may vary depending on selected print settings and printing materials.

Documentation is split into 5 different documents, with individual guides for each major section of the build and a complete BOM.

Despite having an impressively long shopping list (30 entries, 131 individual items) this release contains no firearm parts (an AK recoil spring can be used for the striker spring, but this is optional), and so can be considered Full-DIY.

B.A.L.L.S. Launcher Parts List

This list has been condensed somewhat for your convenience. Please refer to the official documentation for a more detailed overview.


  • Heat inserts (M3/M4)
  • M3 bolts (x12, x16, x24, x35, x50)
  • M4 bolts (x20)
  • Compression spring (5x15mm)
  • Extension spring (5-7x15mm)
  • Magazine spring
  • Striker spring
  • 6mm linear rods (200mm, 150mm, 110mm, 30mm)
  • 3mm linear rods (65mm, 30mm)
  • ¼” threaded rod (220mm)
  • ¼” nuts
  • ½ x ⅛ flat bars (100mm, 57.5mm, 55mm, 40mm, 30mm)
  • 16ga. plate (43.5mm x 55mm)
  • 6mm linear bearing
  • 2mm pins (16mm, 14mm)
  • Fence post (500-354mm)


  • Punch set
  • Armorer’s hammer
  • Allen/hex key set

B.A.L.L.S. Launcher Build Instructions

Please note that this is only one part of the 5-piece documentation.

Perfect for advanced launcher builders, the B.A.L.L.S. is the peak of 37mm builds (so far). Download and build one today (carefully)!

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