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The only thing better than 3D printed guns? 3D printed ammo. The 9mm Deep is a family of DIY cartridges developed for intrepid target shooters looking to supply their own ammunition rather than shop for it.

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The ingenious design makes use of airgun pellets wrapped in a plastic sabot to make an efficient homemade alternative to traditional brass. Crafted by Mr. Deep and the Black Lotus Coalition, this beta release is perfect for those of you who aren’t afraid of primers and powder.

As with any build using powder or explosives, 3DGunBuilder recommends extreme caution when attempting this build.

We strongly advise all builders to do appropriate research and follow all safety instructions provided by documentation. We are not responsible for any injuries that result from improper handling of sensitive materials. Don’t be stupid, but if you must be stupid, don’t blame us when you get hurt.

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9mm Deep Technical Specs

The files are designed to accommodate PLA+ only, and documentation strongly discourages use of standard PLA and any filled materials (CF Nylon, Glass beaded Nylon, etc.). Documentation recommends specific print settings for best performance.

The package contains files and instructions for four different variants of the 9mm Deep, compatible with .177, .22, .25, and .30 caliber pellets. Powder charges differ between variants, but the standard 9mm – 25 Deep is designed to handle a maximum load of 5 grains.

Documentation includes information for troubleshooting the three most common failure types (rim failures, case head cracking, and case wall cracking) and information regarding tolerances for proper seating individual rounds in a chamber.

This cartridge is not capable of cycling semi-automatic firearms, including handguns and pistol-caliber carbines, and has only been tested with Hodgdon titegroup powder.

9mm Deep Parts List


  • Airgun pellets (chosen caliber)
  • Gunpowder
  • Primers


  • Reloading press
  • Gunpowder measuring tool
  • Gunpowder funnel
  • Sandpaper

9mm Deep Build Instructions

9mm Deep is a DIY cartridge for a DIY world. Download and build some today! (Carefully.)

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