Black Lotus Coalition

black lotus coalition

Black Lotus Coalition

Black Lotus Coalition’s goal is to bring unity and design functional fun.

Who is Black Lotus Coalition

Officially founded in 2021, headed by Moderator Gage, Black Lotus Coalition is a talented group of professionals who mix their passion of firearms with pro-freedom of speech ideals to create truly unique pieces of digital art work.

3D Gun Designs

universal pump chasis 3d print

Universal Pump Chassis

Mouse, Maker. Maker, Mouse. The BCAM Universal Pump Chassis is a seriously bada** multi-caliber pump-style firearm that uses off-the-shelf AR15

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9mm deep 3d ammo

9mm Deep

(Insert Crude Joke Here) The only thing better than 3D printed guns? 3D printed ammo. The 9mm Deep is a

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famar famas ar15 3d 1


FamAR (Famas / AR15) Details The Famar is a bullpup style chambered in 5.56 using readily available AR15 parts. The

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