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DIY non-ballistic bump helmet

It’s the Concussions You Really Have to Worry About

Unless you’ve been playing contact football for the last decade, you’ve probably not had that many concussions in your life. Better to keep it that way, right? Enter the Polykopf Omega, a DIY non-ballistic bump helmet you can print at home to better guard your noodle. It even comes with quality of life features, like an anti-roll device, so you always land on your feet!

Brought to us by Sparquah, a respected dev with a history of solid (and some more eccentric) designs under their belt, this project doesn’t skimp on quality. The Polykopf is also one of the many inspired by the late Ruby G Builds, and was released in her memory.

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Polykopf Omega Technical Specs

The files for the outer shell are designed to accommodate PLA+ as a minimum, but documentation recommends Nylon for best results. The files for the inner padding are designed to accommodate TPU with a minimum rating of 95A. Documentation also lists specific print settings. Durability may vary depending on selected print settings and printing materials.

Two methods of joining all the pieces are listed, one that involves adhesives and one that involves bolting the sections together.

The design is impact resistant, taking several hits from blunt and sharp objects before failing, and it survives penetration tests from six feet. Customizable fitment is possible with use of padding inserts, and additional layers of protection can be added to the smooth outer surface for better protection or concealment.

Polykopf Omega Parts List


  • Helmet harness
  • Fabric (documentation recommends an old pillowcase)
  • Velcro, or other means of applying padding


  • 4 – M5x15mm bolt and nut
  • 4 – M5x20mm bolt and nut
  • 12 – M5x20mm bolt and nut (for bolted version)


  • Acrylic cement (PLA+)
  • JB Weld plastic bonder (Nylon)
  • Hot glue gun

Polykopf Omega Build Instructions

Whether it’s flying hammers, falling rocks, or your own clumsiness the Polykopf Omega is here to protect your noggin. Download and build one today!

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