Broken Armory AR15 80% Jig

Are you looking to buy a new 80% jig that you can use to help modify a lower receiver for your AR-15?

If so, I think the Broken Armory 80% Jig is worth taking a look at.

broken armory ar15 80 jig

The AR-15 has long been one of the most popular rifles sold in America for one very simple reason: it’s one of the most customizable firearms in existence. 

This is where an 80% lower jig comes in. It’s fundamentally an ingenious tool that enables you to customize your own AR-15 lower receivers from the comfort of your workshop. 

In this article, I’ll dive into precisely why the Broken Armory’s jig could be the 80% jig you’re looking for. 

Overview of the Broken Armory AR-15 Jig

broken armory ar 15 jig

The Broken Armory 80% Jig was designed from the beginning to help streamline the fabrication process without needing expensive machining equipment. 

Utilizing unique templates, this jig enables you to manufacture any mil-spec AR-15’s forged or billet 80% lower or any mil-spec AR 80% receiver using only a drill press and vise.

What is an 80% Lower Jig?

The 80% lower jig is a device used to assist in machining or drilling out the remaining 20% of material from the lower receiver to complete it. 

This process typically involves using a drill press or milling machine to remove material from specific areas according to the jig’s instructions. This allows the lower receiver to accommodate the trigger group, magazine well, and other necessary components.

This naturally begs the question, what is an 80% lower receiver in the first place? 

ar 15 80 lower

Long story short, it’s a partially completed lower receiver that is not considered a firearm under current Federal law, because it does not yet have all the necessary features to function as a firearm. 

A lower receiver is a critical component of the AR-15 rifle and is legally considered the firearm itself once it is complete. 

By completing your own 80% lower receiver at home, you can own a functional AR-15 without needing to transfer the firearm through an FFL dealer (as you would if you purchased a complete lower receiver). 

Enter the Broken Armory 80% Lower Jig

at home ar 15 80 lower jig

You can manufacture your own unfinished AR-15 lower receiver at home by using Broken Armory 80% lower jig.

This jig is built using CNC machining techniques and is precision engineered for accuracy. It comes covered in a hard anodized type III coating for durability, and drill bushings are hardened for longevity.

The integrated depth chart of the Broken Armory Jig ensures precise drilling depths, while each component is individually engraved with drill diameters and depths. 

This further enhances user convenience and facilitates seamless operation throughout the fabrication process.

What’s Included in the Broken Armory Jig?

broken armory jig kit

The Broken Armory jig comes as part of a kit with the following components:

  • x2 Side Plates and Drill Bushings 
  • x5 Template Plates 
  • x1 set of drill bits
  • X1 set of end mill bits
  • x4 ¼-20 x ¾” jig fasteners
  • x2 ¼-20 x 2 jig fastener

Features of the Broken Armory Jig

In contrast to the lateral tooling approach required by a router or mill, the Broken Arms Jig adopts a vertical method for cutting the receiver for the lower parts kit. 

By employing drill bits, you can complete the entire rear shelf and main fire control cavity for the hammer, trigger, and safety. 

ar 15 lower drill bit

The jig provides precise instructions on drilling depth, which simplifies the process for the operator. End mill bits are exclusively used for refining the receiver’s walls and creating a slot for the trigger.

The efficacy of the Broken Arms Jig lies not only in its templates and guides but also in its included bits. 

Crafted from high-quality high-speed steel (HSS), these commercial-grade bits effortlessly cut through forged aluminum. This facilitates the rapid and straightforward fabrication of multiple receivers.

ar 15 lower drill holes

The Broken Armory jig is also designed for easy assembly. It features indexing dowels for aligning the takedown pin holes and two hex bolts for secure fastening. 

Removal of the lower receiver from the jig may require some maneuvering and patience. However, this snug fit instills confidence in the machining process, ensuring precise outcomes.

Each of the various overlay plates is sequentially numbered and labeled with depth values and bit diameters for ease of use. The main plates are equipped with an integrated depth gauge, and are conveniently positioned for quick verification before making cuts. 

ar 15 lower overlay plate

The jig and plates are configured to fit together in a single orientation, minimizing the likelihood of errors even for users with limited experience.

Does the Broken Armory AR-15 Jig Live Up to the Hype?

If you want to build and turn your own 80% AR-15 lower receiver into a complete receiver, you’ll need a good jig to help facilitate this process. 

There are many options available, but I believe the Broken Armory jig represents an excellent option for an 80% AR jig on the market today.

How are you planning to complete your AR-15 80% lower receiver? Let us know in the comments below!

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