Concealed Carry Purse (6 Best)

A concealed carry purse enables women to stay safe, as they feature a discreetly concealed carry compartment where they can store their firearms.

They function and look like regular purses but provide easy access to firearms that range in size from sub-compact to full-size.

best concealed carry purse

That being said, whether you want something casual or are looking for something modern and fun, we have got you covered.

Check our recommendations and find the best concealed carry purse based on style and functionality!

What Is a Concealed Carry Purse?

Many people want to carry a firearm so that they are able to protect themselves in dangerous and life-threatening situations. Besides, carrying a firearm on the body can be uncomfortable, especially for women. 

Therefore, many of them carry firearms in concealed carry purses. Doing so allows them to stay safe without compromising their style as opposed to carrying a weapon in a regular purse which can damage it and be very dangerous. 

Concealed carry purses are designed with built-in pockets for the firearm and usually come with locked zippers as well. However, before purchasing such a purse, it is important to be familiar with the laws in the US, which vary from one state to another. 

ccw purse for women

In most cases, those who carry concealed are required to possess a permit to carry a concealed weapon. There is also concealed carry insurance which many gun owners get to protect themselves against expenses from self-defense incidents

Concealed Carry Purse – Safety Measures

Before making a purchase, it is necessary to be familiar with the safety measures you need to adhere to when you carry a concealed weapon. 

The concealed carry purses are discreet and provide easy firearm access in dangerous situations. 

However, it is important to use such a purse responsibly. This includes storing the weapon in the specialized compartment and not mixing it with other belongings. 

Additionally, regarding self-protection, it is necessary to ensure that the trigger guard is protected, practice weapon draw, and have control over the bag at all times.

If you are interested in Glock specific safety features check out our, ultimate guide.

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6 of the Best Concealed Carry Purses

If you are interested in purchasing a concealed-carry purse that will meet your needs, take a look at our recommendations:

Crafted by the Tote’n Mamas, the vintage Concealed Carry Distressed Buffalo Crossbody is made by women and designed for women. 

The brand is dedicated to providing affordable and stylish concealed-carry purses without compromising the wearer’s style and comfort.

The Buffalo Crossbody is made from full-grain leather and features a gold/chrome gold plate and hardware. The built-in feature of the Distressed Buffalo Crossbody purse gives fast and easy access to the firearm. 

The front flap opens and reveals an organizer with a magnetic closure. Besides a main compartment, the purse also has a zippered pocket and two additional pockets with zipper closures.

Products dimensions: 10″L x 9-3/4″H x 3-1/8″D 

Best Features

  • The purse features an ID holder and 14 card slots
  • It has an adjustable, slash-resistant strap that easily clips on and off 
  • The compartment is made from durable nylon and special padding 
  • Designed for both right and left arm usage
Runner Up

Bulldog Cases Tote Style CCW Purse

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03/08/2024 09:40 am GMT

The Carry Tote Style Purse is a fashionable concealed carry purse crafted from durable nylon material with a stripe design.

It is made by Bulldog Cases, an industry-leading brand specializing in innovative carrying and storage products for different types of weapons.

The tote-style purse has a large pocket in the middle, intended for storage of any products and accessories. 

The purse features leather accents, and it has brass hardware. The padded carry handles enable a comfortable carry while the double-stitched seams offer durability. 

It also has a zipper pouch for personal items and a velcro holster for elevated comfort that you can place inside the concealed compartment. 

Product dimensions: 17″L x 12″H x 5″D

Best Features

  • It comes with a color-matched holster
  • The purse has an external zippered accessory pocket
  • The purse is available in a navy stripe, and a cherry stripe design
  • It features multiple accessories pockets 

If you are on the hunt for a stylish and modern purse but want to stay armed and safe while walking out, the Satchel Style purse might be what you need. It is another excellent product from Bulldog Cases, available in several variations and colors, including coral. 

The purse is made from durable PU leather and designed for left- and right-handed use. It has a slash-resistant shoulder strap made from durable and resilient materials. 

It has two separate zippered main compartments and several inner pockets. The Satchel Style purse features a padded carry handle and an adjustable strap. It is suitable for most small/medium autos and revolvers. 

Product dimensions: 13″L x 10.5″W x 3.5″D

Best Features

  • Versatile, modern, and durable concealed carry purse
  • It has large zippered compartments 
  • The Satchel style purse provides quick and easy access to the weapon 
  • It comes with a universal fit color-matched holster

Montana West Hobo Shoulder Bag

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This real leather handbag from Montana West is simple and luxurious, making it suitable for any occasion. It is made by a brand committed to designing high-quality and innovative women’s handbags. 

The soft leather on the bag is comfortable to the skin. The handbag also has dual soft removable handles enabling different ways of carrying. The Genuine Leather Hobo features a magnetic snap, top zipper closure, and a stylish tassel ring. 

It has one main compartment, where you can put your everyday staff and keep them organized. The purse has a wall zipper pocket in the back, two open-top pockets, and a double zipper back wall pocket.

Product dimensions: 10″L x 4.5″W x 8″H

Best Features

  • The purse is available in several colors
  • It is made from 100% genuine leather
  • Montana West’s purse features durable hardware 
  • The bag has a hand strap and an adjustable long shoulder strap

Jessie & James Crossbody Gun Bag

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The concealed crossbody bag is crafted from the brand Jessie & James handbags, whose mission is to create stylish and accessible concealed carry purses. 

The brand balances fashion and function, which can be seen in all of its products, including the concealed crossbody handbag. 

The protection-concealed handbag is made from eco-friendly vegan PU leather. It is equipped with RFID-blocking technology to protect the wearer when traveling or shopping.

The concealed crossbody purse has a main compartment and five exterior pockets, including an interior zipper pocket for your personal items. 

The bag is available in several colors, and it is compact and convenient for everyday use while providing quick access to the firearm. 

Product dimensions: 9.5″H X 10.5″W X 3.5″D

Best Features

  • Long-lasting and durable concealed crossbody purse 
  • The purse features RFID technology to protect sensitive documents
  • The crossbody purse has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • The bag comes with a removable holster 

Montana West Carry Purse

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Montana West is a brand recognizable for its unique purses that are modern and convenient to use. Their chic Concealed Carry Tote Purse is made from splash-proof leather, protecting the wearer’s belongings from light rain.

The purse has two main pockets and multiple inside pockets, including the back gun pocket, which holds the gun safely and conveniently. This bag fits a firearm with a length of up to 9 inches and a width of up to 7 inches. 

The carry-tote purse is available in three colors, and it has weaved decoration and tassel at the front and sturdy hardware, making it stylish and durable. 

Product dimensions: 12.5″L × 5.5″W × 11.8″H

Best Features

  • The purse is made from a durable genuine leather material
  • It is spacious and convenient to carry essentials, including a laptop
  • Montana West’s purse features high-quality hardware
  • the leather is stiff, and the carry-tote purse stands on its own


If you require a bag to carry all your essentials but also want to bring a firearm for self-defense, then a concealed carry purse is what you are looking for. Such purses are fashionable and function as regular bags to keep personal items. 

ccw self defense purse amazon

However, they also store the weapon safely in a suitable compartment while providing easy access to the firearm. Hopefully, this post will help you find the right purse for you to stay protected without compromising your style. 

Check all of our recommendations and leave a comment below about your experience using concealed carry purses!

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