Online Concealed Carry Permit Class (Courses + Resources)

Don’t feel like printing paperwork, mailing forms, and attending boring in-person concealed carry classes to get your CCW permit?

You’re in luck. In most states, you can get your concealed carry permit (CCW) online.

best online concealed carry weapons class

The process for obtaining a concealed carry permit may vary depending on the state or country where you live.

In some states or countries, it may be possible to complete some or all of the application process for a concealed carry insurance permit online, while in others, it may be necessary to apply in person at a local law enforcement agency or other authorized entity.

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Generally speaking, to obtain a concealed carry permit, you will typically need to meet certain eligibility requirements, such as being of legal age, having a clean criminal record, and completing a firearms safety course or online concealed carry training program.

It’s important to note that obtaining a concealed carry permit is a serious responsibility that requires careful consideration and training. Suppose you are considering applying for a concealed carry permit. In that case, it’s important to research the laws and regulations in your area, seek out proper training and education, and always prioritize safety and responsibility when handling firearms.

Best Online Concealed Carry Weapons Class

If you are like us and prefer to take care of everything from the tap of your phone or the press of a keyboard, getting your CCW permit online is almost always preferable.

ccw online course

There are several federally recognized online courses that can issue you a valid permit upon completion of their online concealed carry class.

Let’s dive into a few of the most popular online CCW classes available to permit you to carry a weapon from the comfort of your home.

Countrywide Concealed

Countrywide Concealed is by far our favorite online CCW class if you are looking to get your multi-state Concealed Carry License.

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Countrywide Concealed is able to issue permits across 84% of all US states making the a great pick not only for the online concealed license route but for reciprocity.

Note: Reciprocity as related to concealed carry weapons permits is when states will recognize other state residents’ licenses to carry.

countrywide concealed permit ccw

Countrywide Concealed is also one of the most well-laid-out and easy-to-breeze-through courses available. They will get you your concealed carry permit in three easy steps:

Step 1: Watch the Video

Complete your instructional requirements by watching their short instructional video for free.

Step 2: Download the Certificate

Pass Countrywide Concealed’s 10-question certification test, download your certificate of completion, and complete any additional requirements for your state (if any).

Step 3: Complete the Application

After you secure your certification, Countrywide Concealed will outline the next steps necessary to secure your concealed carry permit.


Just as simple as that you will now be able to carry your weapon with you concealed wherever you go.

No more worrying or reading up on specific rules and regulations. You can now keep yourself and your loved ones safe at all times.

If you have any specific questions you can reach out to Countrywide Concealed at or by phone at (800)805-2238.

Online Carry Training

Online Carry Training has found a unique way to help you get your concealed carry weapons permit online.

They found an excellent way of getting you certified and permitted via their course as a non-resident CCW holder in Virginia.

online carry training course

You may be wondering…I don’t live in Virginia how will this help me?

Just as we talked about before this is due to reciprocity. There are over 30 states that will allow you to carry if you hold a CCW permit in Virginia. You can check if your state has reciprocity with Virginia here.

If your state is covered then Online Carry Training may be a great choice at only $79 for their full online carry class.

Online Carry Training states, “Our course will take you through the necessary steps to gain an understanding of firearms safety, the concealed carry lifestyle, shooting fundamentals and more. The Concealed Carry class will take approximately 60 minutes to complete and will allow you to apply for your Permit to Carry after the course.”

One hour online compared to half of a day at a course being taught by some boomer 19AARP11 instructor is clearly the better option for most gun enthusiasts.

We have talked to a few CCW holders that took the Online Carry Training and while fairly basic, the course covers all of the essentials and their Virginia loophole still works as of 2023.

State DNR Courses

The third option and one of the best is your state’s online DNR concealed carry courses.

Unfortunately, only some states offer this and some states only allow an online CCW permit to be issued after taking their DNR class.

state dnr carry permit

Usually, these classes are very affordable ranging from $30 – $60, and only require 1 – 3 hours of class time online.

It is always best to do your own research when it comes to firearms as local, municipal, and state requirements can vary and are changing on a monthly if not daily basis.

More Concealed Carry Learning

While online courses and state classes cover the basics and help to fulfill your requirements for holding a concealed carry permit there are a ton of other supplemental resources on the internet.

After all the more information and training you attend, the better prepared you will be if you actually need to use your weapon and draw from a concealed position in a defensive situation.

Here are a handful of our favorite Youtube channels that offer a ton of information from the basics of concealed carrying, CCW gear and holster reviews, situational breakdowns and “game tape” of what people did right and wrong in a defensive shooting situation.

Active Self Protection

Active Self Protection focuses on teaching people on Youtube the basics and even advanced methodologies to defending yourself in both armed and unarmed situations.

Per the channel’s founder, John Korea, “Every single day we post a real defensive encounter caught on camera and perform an after-action report on it for lessons learned. 

We educate the public on what we see that works and what we see that doesn’t in real robberies, muggings, carjackings, and other defensive situations. 

Our approach is evidence-based, meaning we try hard not to have a pre-set dogma but to go where the actual evidence leads towards more positive outcomes for good people.”

They utilize body cameras, CCTV, and bystander footage to get you right into a real-world scenario and allow you to think through the issues before actually being in the self-defense situation yourself.

Colion Noir

Coloin Noir is another great resource for all types of situations and not just focusing on obtaining a concealed firearms permit.

He covers legal updates, AR15s, and handguns, and also reviews various concealed carry situations in detail that general CCW classes can’t cover online.

Colion’s no-nonsense, yet humorous, takes on gun ownership and concealed gun carrying are a welcome relief to such a serious topic and in the end, his information is useful and a bit more digestible than bland, dry courses.

Coloin’s unique cadence and well-narrated videos recall an almost Anthony Bourdain style of documentary. Diving deep into not only the physical tips of carrying but the psychological and introspective reflection required to carry a gun in public.

Classic Firearms

The Classic Firearms channel is less focused on concealed carry weapons information but has a ton of great firearms reviews and picks for your needs.

They review the pros and cons of tons of CCW options including what’s best for concealment, accuracy, magazine capacity, reliability, and a bunch of other factors.

Choosing the right gun to carry every day is a decision that most spend 100s of hours researching.

Classic Firearms makes this a bit easier by showing in simple terms what gun to choose to everyday carry.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, obtaining a concealed carry weapons permit is an important step for anyone who wishes to exercise their right to carry a firearm for personal protection. 

With the increasing popularity of online courses, it is now easier than ever to complete the required training and obtain a permit from the comfort of your own home. 

getting weapons permit online

By taking advantage of the best online CCW courses and concealed carry Youtube channels available on the topic, you can learn everything you need to know about responsible gun ownership, firearm safety, and the laws governing concealed carry. 

With the right knowledge and training, you can confidently carry your concealed firearm and protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation. 

Remember, carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility, and it is up to you to ensure that you are properly trained and prepared to use it safely and effectively.

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