Glock Back Plate (Size, Removing, and Customization)

Are all Glock back plates the same size?

Almost, the vast majority of Glock back plates are the same size except for a few single-stack (slim) models.

glock back plates size remove custom

Glock back plates are made out of a single piece of machined hard coated anodized black T6 aluminum.

glock back plate different sizes

Is removing or customizing your Glock back plate hard?

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They are fairly simple to remove or change and the perfect Glock accessory to customize. You can throw a bit of personality into your Glock back plate or keep it plane jane.

Regardless of what you want to learn or find out about your Glock slide plate 3DGB has you covered.

Glock Back Plate – Standard Size

Glock generations 1 – 5, despite all of the other changes, actually use the same size back plate.

glock back plate standard size

The standard OEM (and most aftermarket) Glock back plates fit the following Glock pistol models:

– G17
– G17L
– G19
– G19X
– G20
– G21
– G22
– G23
– G24
– G25
– G26
– G27
– G28
– G29
– G30
– G30sf
– G31
– G32
– G33
– G34
– G35
– G36
– G37
– G38
– G39
– G40
– G41
– G45
Standard Size Glock Back Plate

Glock Back Plate – Single Stack (Slim) Size

The alternative Glock OEM backplate is made out of the same material but has a smaller width.

glock back plate single stack size

This is to fit the back of the slide that is also smaller as it is a single stack(ammunition is stacked in a vertical line and these models hold less ammunition.) as opposed to the double-stacked magazines Glock is known for.

The following models of Glock’s generation 1 – 5 utilize the smaller single stack back plate size:

– G43
– G43X
– G48
Single Stack (Slim) Glock Back Plate

What does a Glock Back Plate Do?

A Glock back plate, also known as a slide cover plate, is a small plate located at the rear of a Glock pistol slide. It serves several functions:

Safety: The back plate helps to ensure that the striker assembly stays securely in place and prevents it from accidentally dislodging during firing or maintenance.

Customization: Glock back plates are often used for customization purposes. Many aftermarket companies offer custom back plates with various designs, colors, and logos. This allows gun owners to personalize their firearms and make them unique to their style.

Disassembly: The back plate can be easily removed to allow for the disassembly of the slide for cleaning or maintenance.

While a Glock back plate may seem like a small and simple part, it plays an important role in the safety and customization of the Glock firearm.

How to Remove or Change Glock Back Plate

Removing and changing a Glock back plate is a relatively simple process, however, it’s important to ensure the firearm is unloaded and in a safe condition before starting any work on it.

Here are the steps for removing and changing a Glock back plate:

  1. Make sure the firearm is unloaded and in a safe condition. Remove the magazine and check the chamber to ensure there is no ammunition present.
  2. Push down on the recoil spring assembly and move the slide to the rear until it stops.
  1. Use a small punch or screwdriver to press down on the firing pin spacer sleeve located on the rear of the slide. This will release the tension on the back plate.
  1. While continuing to hold down on the firing pin spacer sleeve, carefully remove the back plate by sliding it off the slide.
  2. To install a new back plate, slide it onto the slide, making sure the firing pin spacer sleeve is properly aligned with the hole on the back plate.
  3. Push down on the firing pin spacer sleeve and press the back plate into place until it clicks into position.
  4. To reassemble the slide onto the frame of the Glock, simply reverse the steps used for disassembly.

Custom Glock Back Plates

Many people often customize their Glock back plates, as it is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to personalize their firearm. 

customized glock back cover plates

Some of the most popular backplate designs include:

Patriotic Designs: Many gun owners like to show their support for their country by displaying patriotic symbols such as the American flag, bald eagles, or military emblems on their back plates.

Custom Graphics: Some people opt for custom graphics or designs, such as logos, sports teams, or personal artwork.

Humorous Sayings: Back plates with humorous sayings or slogans are also popular among gun owners, ranging from witty one-liners to ATF memes.

Camouflage Patterns: Back plates featuring camouflage patterns or other military-inspired designs are popular among hunters and military personnel.

Traditional Glock Logos: Some gun owners prefer to stick with the classic Glock logo, but may choose to customize it with different colors or materials.

Overall, there are countless options for customizing a Glock back plate regardless of its size, and it largely comes down to personal preference and style.

At 3DGB we think you can’t go wrong with the standard OEM Glock black plate.

Sizing is not complicated when it comes to back plates just ensure you match your model to the correct size mentioned above.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and we would be happy to help!

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