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The debate surrounding what defines a 3D printed & ghost guns is a hot one.

Most in the space agree that the printing of the ATF-regulated part defines a 3D gun while the goalpost movers shout “what about the barrel” and other moronic statements.

3d gun parts kits vendors

While it is true there are various “levels” and “definitions of ghost guns such as hybrid designs, printed frames, and primarily 3D printed designs, if you would like to avoid metal work a parts kit is essential.

With the 3D or ghost gun (also referred to as ghost gun or Foss/GunCAD) industry growing by the day, many reputable 3D gun parts kit vendors have risen to help keep the 3D gun printers going.

Not quite ready to purchase parts and are just getting into 3D gun printing? Check out our How to 3D Print Guns: 101

Best Ghost Gun & 3D Printed Parts Kit Vendors

We assembled an exhaustive list of 3D gun parts, general parts, hardware, and rails kit vendors to help you find a parts kit for your next build.

We divided our list of 3D gun part stores into five categories including:

We tried to include only overview information and allow you to have a look through any of these vendors’ catalogs for further information and help support the 3D2A community.

Let’s jump into 3D/ghost gun Twitter’s favorite online stores.

Category Breakdown

3D Gun Parts Kits: Complete Kits for 3D Printed Guns
General Parts Kits: General Parts Kits Vendors w/ Many 3D Gun Options
Hardware Kits: Hardware Kit Sourcing for 3D Gun ReadMe Shopping List
Rail Kits: Machined Rails for FMDA Glock’s & Other 3D Guns
Hates Parts Kits: Hi-Point

Vendor Breakdown

Price Range: $ (Dirt Cheap) $$ (Affordable) $$$ (Small Ouch) $$$$ (F*** You Money)
Specialty: Product Type & Focus of the Vendor
3D Gun Types: General 3D Firearm Kits Sold

Ghost Gun Parts Kits

The below vendors are focused on selling kits that include parts, hardware, and accessories for completing 3D printed firearms.

These companies know the industry and are often 3D gun CAD developers themselves.

Husky Armory

Husky Armory offers mostly affordable Glock uppers, FGC9 kits, and more.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: 80% & 3D Gun Parts Kits
3D Gun Types: Glock | AR15 | FGC9
Visit Website
Parts Dispensed

Parts Dispensed carries one of the largest selections of 3D gun parts kits and often ship within 24 hours.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: General 3D Gun Parts Kits
3D Gun Types: FGC-9 | AR15 | Glock | MP5 | Plastikov | More
Visit Website
Hoffman Tactical

Hoffman Tactical is one of the few 3D gun developers that sell high-quality parts kits for his own designs.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: "Hoffman Tactical" AR15 Hardware Kits
3D Gun Types: Orca | Hoffman Lower / Super Lower
Visit Website
Wojtek Weaponry

Boutique firearms components, hardware, and accessories.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: AR15 Parts & FDMA/FGC9 Kits
3D Gun Types: Glock | FGC9 | AR15
Visit Website
MAF Arms

Avant-guarde merchant of high-powered wind chimes 😉

Price Range: $$$
Specialty: Machined Uppers & Parts
3D Gun Types: Mac 11 | AR15 | MP5 | AKM | Tac9
Visit Website

3D gun parts kits including everything (even the files) targeted at those newer to the hobby (at a higher than average price).

Price Range: $$$$
Specialty: Complete Part & File Kits
3D Gun Types: Glock | AR15 | FGC9 | Hi-Point | ARK
Visit Website
Invader Zip

The creator of the ARK offers custom-made parts kits to get your gun range ready.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: ARK Parts & Build Kits
3D Gun Types: ARK
Visit Website
Troll Werks

Troll Werks is an FFL vendor that also includes a lot of great "Mostly 3D Printed" parts kits.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: "Mostly 3D Printed" Parts Kits
3D Gun Types: Harlot | Brawler | Gambino | Cabfare
Visit Website
Stark 80

Vendor offering complete parts kits and steel components for 3D printed guns.

Price Range: $$$
Specialty: Parts Kits & Design Services
3D Gun Types: FGC9 | Glock | AR15 | Harlot | Gremlin
Visit Website

General Ghost Gun Parts Kits

Although these are more general firearms companies, they carry many parts, hardware, and kits helpful in completing your 3D printed gun build.

Always research pricing before purchasing to prevent price gouging when demand for a particular kit is high (i.e. after an anticipated beta release).

Gun Broker

Firearm & firearm parts kit "ebay style" auction website.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: Everything
3D Gun Types: All 3D & Non-3D
Visit Website
Every Gun Part

The "Amazon" of parts kits.

Price Range: $$$
Specialty: Parts Kits
3D Gun Types: All 3D & Non-3D
Visit Website

The online firearms "general store" has a variety of parts & kits.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: Everything
3D Gun Types: All 3D & Non-3D
Visit Website

Ebay is not known for its firearms selection but occasionally parts kits can be found at low prices.

Price Range: $$$
Specialty: Everything
3D Gun Types: All 3D & Non-3D (No FFL Items)
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Hardware Kits

These are the best vendors for obtaining all required hardware usually noted in a 3D gun file package readme.

McMaster is great for finding odd-sized or rare parts while some of these other vendors put together hardware kits for various builds.

RK Spookware

3D gun hardware machining and hobbyist company.

Price Range: $
Specialty: Hardware Kits & Magazines
3D Gun Types: AR9 | AR15 | Glock | FGC9
Visit Website

Find any hardware for any project (including hard-to-find 3D firearm build hardware).

Price Range: $
Specialty: Niche Hardware
3D Gun Types: All
Visit Website
DB Design Works

Parts kit vendor that is also a 3D gun developer and partners with the collective AWCY? for testing.

Price Range: $
Specialty: Gun CAD Parts & Hardware Kits
3D Gun Types: DB9 | Scar | Scorpion | 10/22 | More
Visit Website
Hyperion 2A

3D hardware vendor focused on various types of Scorpion hardware kits.

Price Range: $
Specialty: Scorpion Hardware
3D Gun Types: Scorpion CZ | Scorpion Evo
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Ghost Gun Rail Kits

These vendors custom manufacture quality parts and rails mostly for the FMDA series of 3D printed Glocks.

They have been around for a long time and provide consistently awesome end-user products.

Aves Rails

Innovator and de-facto provider of manufactured rail kits & Mac 11 parts for 3D printed guns.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: Rail Kits
3D Gun Types: Glock | Mac | AR15 Parts
Visit Website
Riptide Rails

OG rail kit vendor and machined hardware for several 3D gun designs.

Price Range: $$
Specialty: Rail Kits & Hardware
3D Gun Types: Glock | FGC9 | Mac
Visit Website

Hates Parts Kits

This is a special category for a special company. Ping @lopointgoat on Twitter to get the latest updates on Hi-Point selling parts kits.

Hi-Point Firearms

Hates parts kits and money.

Price Range: -$$$$
Specialty: Triggering @lopointgoat
3D Gun Types: Crime Scene Evidence
Visit Website

Did we miss your favorite ghost gun parts kit vendor or miss any information you think would be helpful to others?

Leave us a comment below or give us a shout on Twitter @3dgunbuilder.

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