Best 3D Printed Pistols (2022 Round Up)

What a year it’s been in the 3D printed gun community.

There have been more firearms file releases than at any time in human existence. Freedom is now more accessible than ever.

best 3d printed pistols

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The government has tried to push through a truckload of new gun laws only to be swiftly defeated, sometimes in under 24 hours.

The progress made in 3D printed pistols has progressed at the same rate.

Gone are the days of “single shot” Liberator pistols. We now have everything from a 3D printed Glock 19 to ghetto blasting sub $100 Hi-Points.

Let’s look at some of the most viewed and downloaded 3D printed pistols over the last year.


Most Popular

DD19.2 G19

The FMDA DD19.2 3D Printed Glock 19 Pistol Frame

Views: 87324
Downloads: 9482
Details Download

Developer: FMDA

Nobody can argue that the Glock, specifically the Glock 19, is one of the most popular handguns on planet earth.

Whether your first gun, your military-issued sidearm, or your piece fresh off the printer, this 9mm pistol is prolific.

On the internet, you can find 100s of Glock-style CAD files (or STLs) available for download. The DD19.2 is the gold standard in 3D printed handguns.

The DD19.2 developed by FMDA and remixed by nearly every gun CADer is our #1 most viewed and downloaded 3D pistol for a reason.

The sheer amount of aftermarket Glock OEM-style parts makes finishing a 3D printed Glock frame a walk in the park.


Most Anticipated

Sphynx Beretta 92

The Sphynx is a 3D Printed Beretta 92 frame

Views: 54638
Downloads: 0

Developer: Gerald Katz

When it comes to pistols, one of the Italian favorites is of course the Beretta 92 FS.

Used by (of course) the Italian military and even US law enforcement for a period of time.

The Beretta is one of those handguns that you just don’t neccisarily see coming to fruition on a 3D printer.

Thankfully the 3D gun community has best in 21st century italian arms development, Gerald Katz.

Gerald has released 3D pistol files for several Berretta variations including the Beretta 92FS (sphynx) in 9mm & 40SW along with the micro compact Beretta 21a.

While this 3D pistol is still putting the finishing touches on its final release this has been one gun file that the 3D printing world is waiting on with quite a bit of fever.


MacDaddy 2.0

3D Printed Mac-11 MacDaddy 2.0

Views: 39024
Downloads: 5672
Details Download

Developer: XyezzySZN

The MacDaddy 2.0 hit the scene in early 2022 and was an instant banger.

What isn’t there to love about a Mac 11 from the snap of the side charging bolt to the 80s israli aethecics the Mac Daddy 2.0 is to put it simply…bad a**.

Released by a new developer XyeezySZN, the MacDaddy is a reliable 3D printed pistol regularly achieving 2000 – 5000 rounds without a malfunction.

The MacDaddy 2.0 is also fairly affordable, only requiring a Mac-11 complete upper assembly, AR15 fire control group, and Glock magazines.

Originally released by 3D gun OG CTRL Pew, XyeezySZN was able to push out some solid upgrades and clear documentation that is always appreaciated by 3D gun printers.


Invader PDW v2

The Invader PDW is a 3D Printed Glock 17 frame with a collapsible brace

Views: 32050
Downloads: 4677
Details Download

Developer: Nimbus Labs

The Invader PDW v2 is basiclly a Glock 17 on steroids.

This pistol features a spring-loaded, self-deploying stock (again, bad a**), forward grip, and space to hold a hot swappable spare magazine.

The Invdaer PDW consists of basiccly a Glock 17 / Full size complete slide assembly, lower parts kit, OEM style magazine, and common hardware found at your local store.

If you want to feel like your ready to repel out of choppers or just want a bit more stability on your standard G17 the Invader PDW is calling your name.


Lo-Point v2

The Lo-Point v2 3D Printed Hi-Point Pistol Frame

Views: 22590
Downloads: 2811
Details Download

Developer: Freeman1337

Is the 3D gun community truely “keeping it real” if the Hi-Point wasn’t on this years best 3D printed pistols list?

No, we didn’t think so either.

The Lo-Point is the modern rendition of the Hi-Point C9 and CF380 pistol which can be 3D printed and build for under $100 (these are harder to find now and we are still all demanding Hi-Point releases OEM parts kits).

Affordability, memeability, and ghetto faboulessness all play into us having the Lo-Point round up our list of the best 3D printed handguns.

3D Printed Pistols: The Future

The future of 3D printed pistols is bright in our opinion.

While there are real and vast existential threads to firearms and Americans’ rights to self-defense, one thing is certain.

The 3D printed gun community is more real, more vast, and most of all more based.

In the words echoed for decades by those who believe in the rights of personal freedom and protection “Come and Take It”.

One thing is for sure. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in-store for 3D printed pistols and 3D printed guns in general.

Did we miss any banger 3D printed pistols? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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