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Who is xYeezySZN

xYeezySZN is one of the spicier 3D gun authors found on the internet.

Unabashedly themselves and currently banned from Twitter you can still find xYeezySZN’s work on both Defcad and Odysee.

With such hits as the Glong (a Glock / Bong hybrid), MacDaddy 2.0, and various stipple remixes to popular 3D gun builds, xYeezySZN has. something for everyone.

While xYeezySZN is sitting atop the 3D gun meme mountain we look forward to their future builds and unbanning from Elon Musk’s Twitter.

3D Gun Designs

3d printed montgo 9 9mm

Montgo-9 9mm

Montgo-9 9mm Details The Montgo-9 9mm is a complete upper receiver designed for use with AR-15 and AR-9 lower receivers.

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macdaddy 2 0

MacDaddy 2.0

MacDaddy 2.0 Details The MacDaddy 2.0 is a 3D printable frame for a standard mac-11 upper. Coming in at around

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