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MacDaddy 2.0 Details

The MacDaddy 2.0 is a 3D printable frame for a standard mac-11 upper.

Coming in at around $400 to build, the MacDaddy is a very affordable compact PDW option.

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The MacDaddy 2.0 design was released by XyeezySZN in early 2022. The design rapidly became extremely popular with hundreds of prints documented by the designer in the months following its release.

The frame has been tested to withstand 2000 to 5000 rounds with no issues. 

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MacDaddy 2.0 Printe & Test Fire

MacDaddy 2.0 History

In December 2020, CtrlPew and FDMA1776 released the original mac-11 frame which they dubbed the MacDaddy. The design was very popular and rapidly grew to become one of the most famous 3d models released that year.

In early 2022, XyeezySZN released his modified version of the MacDaddy which he aptly named the MacDaddy 2.0.

While the changes from the original design are minor, they add up to make the MacDaddy 2.0 a much better design overall. 

MacDaddy 2.0 Tech Specs

The MacDaddy 2.0 is a printable frame for the Mac-11 upper assembly.

The lower receiver (check out the upper receiver Orca by Hoffman Tactical) utilizes readily available and affordable ar15 fire control groups. It was also made to accept 9mm Glock magazines.

MacDaddy 2.0 is a further iteration of the original design with a number of changes. The accessories are now designed to use 4mm bolts for maximum strength. The feed ramp was revamped to improve reliability and smoothness.

Along with the brace and minor technological upgrades, there was also a major aesthetic overhaul including new stippling and the release of the Invader PDW collapsible brace.

Finally, to finish off the modifications, XyeezySZN wrote a brand new build guide with significantly more detailed and easier-to-use documentation.

Required Parts for the MacDaddy 2.0

The readme guide includes a detailed list of all components needed for completing the 3D Printed Mac-11 MacDaddy 2.0.

Materials Required

  • Mac-11 Complete Upper Assembly
  • AR15 Fire Control Group
  • Glock Magazine Release and Release Spring

Tools Required

There are no specialty tools required for the MacDaddy build.

  • Basic hand tools
  • Set of roll pin punches

Suggested 3D Print Settings

The guide recommends using PLA+ from reputable brands but notes that successful prints in ABS, Nylon, and PC have been documented. 

ZyeezySZN also strongly recommends running a PID autotune and tuning in the printer with a 20x20x20mm flow cube to verify dimensionally accurate prints.

The recommended print settings:

Layer height: 0.16-0.2
Wall line count: 8-12
Infill: 99%
Supports: Everywhere
Support X/Y distance: 0.8/1.0
Support Z distance: 0.15-0.2
Cooling Fan: 100% Speed.

The documentation for this release is incredibly well-written and goes into great depth to ensure that new enthusiasts learn how to make a safe and reliable MacDaddy 2.0.

XyeezySZN even included a “Paint Practice Plate” as a test print to verify your printer is calibrated before attempting the large print.

It also doubles as a part to test paint and sanding should you decide to apply some post-processing to the frame print.

Wrap Up

The MacDaddy 2.0 is yet another great 2022 release.

One can tell that 3D gun developer, XyeezySZN put a deep amount of thought into the release and made sure that everyone from a new enthusiast to a professional printer can get the best results out of their MacDaddy.

Although the original MacDaddy release by CtrlPew was very well done, XyeezySZN still managed to massively improve upon it with minor details.

The end result of their efforts is a highly reliable PDW which has been proven with extensive testing. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the MacDaddy 2.0 is one of the most popular releases this year. 

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