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TacDaddy 9mm Carbine

tacdaddy 9mm carbine

TacDaddy 9mm Carbine STL Files

3D Printed 9mm Carbine The TacDaddy

TacDaddy Details

The TacDaddy is finally here thanks to 3D gun developer and website owner Ctrl+Pew.

The TacDaddy is a 9mm Carbineish Blowback pistol and is the successor to the MacDaddy/Tac 9.

The TacDaddy was designed to have parts that are easy to find and cost-effective.

The design of the TacDaddy is also one of the cleanest and overall slick designs when it comes to the carbine/pistol category.

The documentation is thorough yet concise making the TacDaddy a great build for 3D gun printing pros and novices alike.

The TacDaddy in the Wild



TacDaddy Test Firing
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TacDaddy 9mm Carbine Tech Specs

  • Full Size – For full-size magazines and full-size slides.
  • Compact – For compact magazines and compact slides.
  • Chode – For full-size magazines and compact slides.
  • Stubby – For compact magazines and full-size slides.
  • Longslide – For full-size magazines and Longslides, by Skinnypew.

Required Parts for the TacDaddy 9mm Carbine

The following parts are required for the TMS-94, both the FNS40 and FNS9 builds:

Materials Required

The required hardware for the TacDaddy includes the following:

TacDaddy Parts Kit – These can be found at MAF Arms or other 3D gun part vendors
AR fire control group + GripIn our store
1x 1”x1/4” Grip screw (but you can drill it to m5 or m6 if you have them handy.
2x m3x10mm bolts – Handguard retention screws
2x M3 Hex Nuts
1x m5x15nut and bolt – Receiver tensioning screw

Shop Husky Armory

Tooling Required

Tools required to complete your TacDaddy 9mm Blowback Carbine build:

  • Pliers
  • Clippers
  • Other support removal tools of the user’s choice
  • 2x 1/16th hex wrenches – ejector top pin
  • 3/32nd hex Wrench – ejector bottom pin
  • 5/32nd hex left takedown sex bolt
  • 1/8th hex wrench right takedown sex bolt
  • Small gunsmithing hammer
  • A light lubricant or gun oil
  • A tap appropriate for your grip screw. (standard ar grip bolt is 1/4×28)
  • (ideal) torque wrench, (common) crescent wrench, or (basic) adjustable wrench for the muzzle device. 3⁄4” at the time of writing.

Suggested 3D Print Settings

  • TacDaddy Magwell/trigger guard on the print bed.
  • Rotated L/R 45 degrees
  • You can try others if you like. It’s not overly sensitive to orientation. This one provided the fastest and most sturdy prints.
  • It should fit on the standard ender 3 or 5 print bed pointed from one corner to the other.
  • make sure your bed is set to 235×235.
  • Check that your build plate adhesion settings are “none”
  • Infill: 100%
  • Walls/Shell: 6-8
  • Layer: .16 – .2

Support: Yes/Normal
Tree supports may cause issues when interacting with the outside edges of your print bed. I would advise against using it but I’ve also had it work well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TacDaddy Chambered in?

The TacDaddy is chambered in 9mm.

Where can I find the files for the TacDaddy shoe?

The TacDaddy shoe STL files are included in the main file folder of this gun.


The TacDaddy has been highly hyped over the past year.

Let us tell you. This gun lives up to the hype. The TacDaddy builds great, shoots great, and is one of the more affordable non-handgun 3D builds.

Build yourself a TacDaddy and turn heads at your local range.

Fire up your 3D printer and get to blasting! As always SPREAD THE SIGNAL!

3D Gun Developer

ctrl pew

CTRL+Pew runs a great website dedicated to indexing 3D printed gun files, trusted vendors, and information related to the 3D gun world.

CTRL+Pew is also known for having the de facto “Getting Started Guide“. The 3D printing guide will walk you through purchasing a printer, tools, and necessities all the way through completing your first 3D firearm.

They are active on Twitter and are a pillar of knowledge and stability in the 3D gun space.

Follow along with CTRL+Pew at

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