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3D Printable MAC11-9 Lower Receiver

DB Alloy Details

The DB Alloy is a modular hybrid lower receiver designed for Mac 11/9 and Mac 5.7 based upper receivers. The availability of Mac 11 kits and uppers has been growing over the last year making the DB Alloy the perfect addition to available 3D printed lower receivers.

It’s a unique combination of 3D printed and steel components that allows for greater customization and versatility. If you’re not familiar with the Mac 11/9 or Mac 5.7.

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One of the key features of the DB Alloy is its compatibility with a variety of magazines, including Glock mags, Sten mags, 3D printed Sten mags, and FN Five-seven mags. The DB Alloy also includes some great accessories including a charging handle cover, handguard, custom grips, and available hardware kits on DB Design Works website.

DB Alloy in the Wild



DB Alloy Tech Specs

The DB Alloy is a 9mm/5.7×28 modular hybrid lower receiver designed for Mac 11/9 and Mac 5.7 based upper receivers.

It can take a variety of magazines, including surplus steel Sten mags, polymer Sten mags, 3D printed straight magazines, or 3D printed curved mags. It can also take Glock mags and an MPA 57 upper that uses FN Fiveseven magazines.

The DB Alloy offers several options, including a railed top, flat top, and QD back, and takes a standard AR-patterned grip. The DB Alloy is a reinforced lower that includes designs for metal side plates that can be manufactured at home or ordered via a laser cutting company i.e. sendcutsend.com.

Required Parts for the DB Alloy


  • Filament
  • 3D Printer
  • Mac 11/9 upper receiver complete w/bolt (Side or Top-Charger)
  • AR15 Fire Control Group
  • AR15 Saftey Selector
  • Magazine Glock, Sten, or FN 57
  • Glock mag release spring for 5.7 Glock lower


  • 4 x m3x35mm button head bolts
  • 4 x m4x35mm button head bolts
  • 1 x m5x25mm socket head bolt
  • 1 x m5 steel square nut
  • 2 x M6 Socket Cap nuts
  • 4 x m4 lock nuts
  • 1 x m6x25mm threaded rod
  • *2 x m4x25mm button head bolts
  • *2 x M4x30mm button head bolts
  • **1 x .375” long compression spring
  • **1 x M4x22mm dowel pin
  • ***1 x M3x26mm dowel pin
  • **** 1 x m3x32mm dowel pin

** Required for Sten lower

*** Optional for Handstop

**** Required for Glock lower


  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Power Drill
  • Roll pin set
  • Sandpaper

Suggested 3D Printed DB Alloy Settings

Nozzle0.4 mm
Layer Height0.2 mm
Wall Count6 min
TemperatureHighest Possible
Infill Density100%
SupportsOn / Everywhere
Support TypeTree
Cooling Fan25%
Bed AdhesionChosen


Any of the below filament types will work for 3D printing the DB Alloy:

  • PLA+
  • ABS
  • ASA

If you have a Mac Daddy, spare mac 11 upper, or are simply looking to get started in the 3D gun printing game the DB Alloy is slick.

The DB Alloy’s documentation is clear and parts kit sourcing is fairly easy. Get started on your 3D printing journey today and print your own DB Alloy!

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