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The Lo-Point v2 3D Printed Hi-Point Pistol Frame

Lo-Point v2 Details

The Lo-Point v2 is the latest generation of the 3D-Printed Hi-Point C9 and CF380 pistol frame.

Hi-Point is famous for its incredibly cheap, yet still functional firearms. Their C9 and CF380 pistols are no exception. With an MSRP of under $200, the C9 is one of the cheapest semi-auto 9mm handguns made today. 

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The CF380 is a similar story, coming in slightly cheaper than the 9mm version. Despite their low prices, the Hi-Points are still good handguns used by many.

The Lo-Point v2 frame, developed by Freeman1337, carries on the spirit of the C9 and CF380 into the modern era. The printable frame, works with the slide and barrel from either the C9 or  CF380, allowing the same frame to handle both 9mm and .380ACP. 

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Lo-Point v2 History

The Lo-Point v2 by Freeman1337 is actually a further iteration of the original Lo-Point which was released by CtrlPew in late 2019. 

Around the time of the release, Hi-Point C9 and CF380 parts kits were incredibly cheap and readily available on Gunbroker.com for well under $50. Many users reported complete builds costing them less than $100 when factoring in the price of the parts kit, filament, and assorted fasteners. 

Although the kits have since risen in price significantly, the build is still incredibly cheap compared to any other semi-auto handguns on the market. 

Freeman1337 took CtrlPew’s original Lo-Point frame and upgraded it, including the ability to use the OEM safety as well as a number of minor changes to increase the strength and reliability of the platform. 

The result of this effort is the 3D printed Hi-Point aka the Lo-Point v2 which was released in mid-2021. 

Lo-Point v2 Tech Specs

The Lo-Point v2 is an incredibly simple design. It consists of the v2 frame, grips, mag catch, and trigger. The rest of the parts are borrowed from a C9 or CF380 parts kit. As mentioned earlier in the article, the frame is compatible with either version which means it can be built into a .380ACP or a 9mm. 

The design has been extensively tested by Freeman1337 and his testers, as was the original design by CtrlPew and his testers.

There are some reliability and safety concerns with the Lo-Point, including the potential for an accidental discharge. The original design of the Hi-Point firearms included a drop safety that was impossible to reasonably implement in the printed frame. 

This issue combined with the inherently unsafe trigger assembly of the Hi-Points makes the potential for an accidental discharge a very real concern. 

It is for this reason that Freeman1337 included a disclaimer in the end of his documentation

While I’d never personally recommend CCW with an empty chamber, I’d recommend carrying Israeli with this kit if you absolutely have to. While the safety works well, it can loosen over time. And as with any other pistol/firearm, it should never be relied on exclusively. 

Also, due to the OEM drop safety not yet being utilized in this frame, this frame could be sensitive to being dropped (I haven’t been brave enough to test this with a round in the chamber).

Required Parts for the Lo-Point v2 Build

As mentioned earlier, the parts kits for the Lo-Point are incredibly affordable. Although they used to be even cheaper, they still offer unrivaled performance for the price.

All that is required to build the Lo-Point v2 are:

  • 3d printer
  • Filament
  • Hi-Point C9 or C380 parts kit
  • basic tools

The build process is outlined in incredible detail in the pdf included in the release by Freeman1337. The included photos and troubleshooting info are very useful when assembling a Lo-Point for the first time. 

Wrap Up

The honest and straightforward facts put forward in the documentation allow enthusiasts to make an educated decision about whether or not the Lo-Point v2 is a good choice for them.

While it may have some safety concerns and is definitely not a good choice to rely upon as your everyday carry weapon, it is difficult to find fault with its insanely low price for a functional Hi-Point handgun. 

We applaud both CtrlPew and Freeman1337 for this incredible frame and look forward to their future releases. 

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