MAF Arms Review

Let’s face it, product reviews are great, they save consumers time, effort, and most importantly money. What we don’t see much of is reviews of the companies selling those products, especially in the world of 3D gun building.

We are going to change that, and analyze some companies to see if not only what they sell is up to scratch, but more important to decide if they are worthy of our hard-earned cash.

maf arms review

MAF Arms is in our sights today and boy was this a fun company to review, so make sure you read the entire review.

About MAF Arms

MAF Arms or to elaborate Manufacture d’Armes et carillons de Floride is a bit of a tough nut to crack. Don’t get us wrong, their About Us section is hilarious but once you get to the end you find yourself scratching your head, saying “WTF did I just read?”

maf mac 11 wind chimes

MAF Arms is a US-based company, where in the US we are not quite sure because the About Us section is fairly thin on that type of information, including who runs and operates the company.

What does MAF Arms sell?

Wind chimes, MAF Arms sells wind chimes. That’s right, they focus on offering only the best firearm component wind chimes in the US.

Yes, we get the whole wind chimes analogy, we just playing along to keep them from getting picked on by the ATF.

Products on offer

Below is a list of a few products on offer by MAF Arms:

Product information

The copywriter behind the MAF Arms product descriptions needs a round of applause, a bump in salary, and then should be immediately fired. 

maf arms products 1

They certainly make for good reading and in a strange way are a welcome relief from the normal mundane, data-filled product descriptions we usually get from these websites, but saying that if you are in the middle of a build and need a specific sized part, knowing the dimensions is important.

maf arms products 2

Case in point, the product description for the Modular AR Upper Insert – Slick Side Block off (Raw/Blem) reads as follows:

“There is a screw required to secure this in the modular upper that is not included. We do not know what the size of the screw is. We will update this once we find out.”

Product shipping

It’s clear to see that MAF Arms is a small operation, ain’t nothing wrong with that, what is nice about them is they are completely open and transparent when it comes to their shipping and returns policy.

maf blemished ar15 uppers

Understandably due to the unique and customizable nature of the “wind chimes” they sell, MAF Arms does not accept returns or refunds once the product has shipped but is open to helping where they can if contacted via the customer service department.

What we like!

  1. The sensor of humor and tongue in cheek attitude when it comes to selling their products. It makes you want to support them and help the company to grow to see what they can really achieve.
  1. Honesty. The shipping and returns policy is clearly defined and even though it may not be to most consumers’ liking, it is understandable and you get the sense that even if you did have an issue and reached out to the people at MAF Arms they would help you.
  1. The Magic ATF Ball, is a stocking stuffer for sure.

Areas they can improve on?

  1. MAF Arms’ website seems to be all over the place and for the first time visitor to the site, it isn’t very obvious what they actually sell. The headings of AR Stuff, Blem, Chime Kits & Components, Bundle and Save!, ChimeTime, Cart, and Downloads, could do with rewording.
  1. Product descriptions are funny and we can all appreciate the dig at the government, but regardless we still need a little more in-depth detail and specs. 

Just give the product description on the SBM4 Pistol Brace/MAF koozie a read and you will know where we are coming from.

  1. Product photos need some attention, with a majority of the products, especially under the Bundle and Save! the heading does not have any photos at all.


MAF Arms may be the market leader in selling firearms components, sorry I meant wind chimes, but they seem like a great company doing their best and would surely appreciate your support.

You can also get the latest deals and coupon codes via Twitter @MAFcorporation.

Let us know below what is your favorite product description from the MAF Arms website?

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