Sigxty Nine P226/8/9

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Sigxty Nine P226/8/9 STL Files

3D printed SIG P226, P228, and P229

The Sigxty Nine is a remarkable 3D printed firearm project that replicates the functionality of the iconic SIG P226, P228, and P229 pistols. Designed by UberPoor over the course of a year with input from the 3D printed firearms community, it represents a major achievement in the world of 3D printed semi-automatic handguns.

At the heart of the Sigxty Nine is a 3D printed frame that incorporates the fire control components like the trigger, hammer, sear, and decocking lever mechanisms. This printed frame integrates with a complete SIG P226/8/9 upper parts kit containing the slide, barrel, recoil spring, and guide rod assembly.

One of the key innovations is the frame’s connected rail design, which helps prevent the common issue of cracked rails on printed frames. The guide also specifies an optimal 30-degree print orientation and settings like 100% infill density to maximize strength and reliability.

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Sigxty Nine P226/8/9 Technical Specs

The Sigxy Nine P226/8/9 is a 3D printable series of frames with both printable side panels and backstraps.

The following Sig Saur varients are available for printing:

P226 – Fullsize P226 compatible frame available with or without pic rail

P228 – Compact P228 or P229 frame available with or without pic rail

P229 – Compact P228 or P229 frame that is compatible with P229-1 magazines, available with or without pic rail

Sigxty Nine P226/8/9 Parts List


  • Complete Sig P226 P228 P229 Slide Kit
  • Complete Sig P226 P228 P229 Lower Parts Kit


  • M3x3 Heat Inserts


  • 5/64” Roll Pin Punch
  • 3/32” Punch
  • Metric Drill Bit Set
  • Small Flat File
  • Allen Head Screwdriver
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • U Fork Screwdriver (optional)
  • Soldering Iron

Sigxty Nine P226/8/9 Build Instructions

Get yo’ Sig on by 3d printing a P226/8/9 pistol from the comfort of your home.

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