Polymer 80 & 3D Printed Ghost Guns at Ranges (Guide)

Can you bring your Polymer 80 or 3D printed ghost gun to the gun range?

Most often, the answer is yes; you can shoot your 3D printed or P80 at the local gun range.

can you shoot p80 3d ghost gun range

Most ranges are usually 2nd amendment friendly, and as long as you follow the rules of gun safety and any specific range rules, you will be good to go.

However, there are cases where you may want to double-check or save your more YOLO-type builds for a more secluded private shooting range.

Demographics can also come into play. Sometimes when the range is LEO or elderly FUD-focused, you may get more prying eyes or d**** telling you what you can and can’t shoot.

The local and municipal laws may also be something to be aware of, as the bans on Polymer 80 and unserialized firearms are growing daily.

Polymer 80 & 3D Printed Ghost Guns at Indoor Ranges

Indoor ranges do not usually have an issue with shooting 3D printed or Polymer 80 guns at their ranges.

polymer 80 ghost gun indoor range

There is an easy solution if you are in a less 2A-friendly area or are unfamiliar with local laws.

Give the gun range in your area a call and ask, “Do you guys mind if I shoot my Polymer 80 or 3D printed (whatever gun) at the range?”

As I said, most gun range staff are fairly hardcore regarding the right to bear arms and will not have a problem with you exercising that right at their range:

  • Follow the range rules (these are often a bit more strict at indoor ranges)
  • Don’t be an a** h***
  • Be respectful

Following those three rules will, 99% of the time, make Polymer 80 or 3D gun shooting a non-issue.

If you call and they say no, this probably is not a gun range you want to spend time at anyway.

Polymer 80 & 3D Printed Ghost Guns at Outdoor Ranges

Shooting at outdoor gun ranges, in my opinion, is the way to go.

Fresh air, plenty of space, no wait times, and usually no range officer leering at you for mag dumping out of your plastikov from a foot away.

can you shoot at range polymer 80 ghost gun

If you know that your Polymer 80 or 3D printed gun runs well and you have some experience, this may not be a problem.

For initial firing tests or if you are trying out a more “exotic” gun build, you will want to hit the outdoor range first.Polymer 80 & 3D Printed Ghost 

Finding outdoor ranges is usually as easy as popping “city” outdoor shooting range into Google and seeing what is available. If you are lucky, you can find a public range not too far from home or packed with idiots.

There are also two other options available to some, perfect for shooting your new Polymer 80 pistol or 3D printed firearm:

Polymer 80 & 3D Printed Ghost Guns on Private Land

If you live in a more rural area, you will likely already know that shooting on private land is fair game.

As long as the path of fire is not aiming towards a major road, highway, or neighbor, this is one of the best range options for P80 and 3D guns.

polymer80 3d ghost gun outdoor rane

Be sure you have a backstop, and per usual, know what is behind the area you are shooting towards.

If you don’t have the land reach out to a friend or look for local shooting clubs in the area. Often, “members only” outdoor ranges are available for reasonably priced yearly dues.

Polymer 80 & 3D Printed Ghost Guns on Public / Federal Land

Out here in Colorado, our state has 1000s of acres of federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) open space.

3d gun p80 outdoor range public land

Similar to shooting your Polymer 80 / 3D ghost gun on private ranges, you need to be sure you are well off the trail and that a reliable backstop (berm, mountainside, hill, etc.) is in the direction of fire.

Speaking of fire, at least here in Colorado, you need to check the notices map because the government will sometimes close areas for shooting due to forest fire risks.

This information can be found by searching the national parks (in your area) website for shooting range options.

Don’t be a d***; be sure to pick up your spent casings, as they will often shut down free-use public ranges that become dumping grounds for brass, beer cans, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shoot Polymer 80s and 3D printed guns at ranges in California, New York, Illinois, Etc?

For most New York, Illinois, and California, firearms must be serialized

Does this mean you could scrape a number into your P80 or 3D gun and call it good?

As always, the rules are very convoluted, so your best bet is to call and ask if it is an indoor or private outdoor range.

What ammo can you not use at the range?

The primary ammo not allowed at ranges for P80s and other firearms included incendiary, aluminum-cased, and frangible ammunition.

These types of ammo can cause damage to the range’s backstop or cause a fire / ventilation hazard.

Are P80 considered firearms?

As of 12-27-2022, the ATF has released a statement concluding that Polymer 80s are indeed firearms, even unfinished, as they meet the definition of ‘readily convertible”.

While this is some serious BS and reinterpreting of the laws they have written, things are murkier than ever.

Many pro 2nd amendment groups, including FPC or the Firearms Policy Coalition, are suing the ATF over this unconstitutional enforcement.

Wrap Up

Shooting Polymer 80’s, 3D printed guns, DIY build kit pistols, and anything that goes bang is a blast.

Finding a range that is amenable to those who prefer their guns not to be marked by the government can and do find ranges to shoot at daily.

Find a public shooting range if you don’t have a private place to shoot.

No public ranges? Call ahead at an indoor range, and most won’t have an issue with P80 or ghost guns.

Have you had a negative experience bringing your 3D or P80 pistol to a gun range?

Let us know in the comments below, so we know which ranges to avoid.

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