Do You Have to Register a Polymer 80?

Polymer 80 guns, or 80% of guns, are self-made firearms that need to be purchased in parts to be assembled by the owner. 

The name 80% stands for the lower half of the gun, which is the receiver. Only combining it with the upper receiver will create a functional weapon. You can even add a light.

do i have to register polymer 80

First off, Polymer 80 is, in fact, considered a firearm. Therefore, building one without a serial number or a license is illegal.

legal register p80

To make the entire process legal, you must be a licensed manufacturer or have a serial number, so yes, you must register Polymer 80. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building Polymer 80 is illegal unless you’re a licensed person or licensed manufacturer for doing so.

The final rule published by the ATF in the Federal Register in April 2022 states that all licensed manufacturers have to identify the weapons they make.

Aplication for a gun

They must do this by having a license name, unique serial number, and the state and city of their business place.

Another factor to consider is that each state has different laws, so it is always better to consult a professional before building a Polymer 80.

Are Polymer 80 serialized?

Polymer 80 frame kits are not serialized from the start. Depending on your current location and the state that you live in, you have to serialize and register the Polymer 80 so that you can legally possess one.

Do I have to register for a Polymer 80 in Michigan?

Michigan does not have any laws requiring residents to register 80% of frame kits. Also, there are no serialization or FFL transactions required.

Michigan is a state where you can take advantage of your Second Amendment constitutional right and update your weapons collection with your own hands. 

Does Polymer 80 have an FFL?

This question does not have a definitive answer because it depends on your location. Some states require serialization of 80% frames, and some don’t. Again, we advise you to check the local laws of the state that you live in. 


In our article, we addressed the question do you have to register a Polymer 80, but regardless of the answer, we always advise you to do so.

registration for p80

We cannot give legal advice or speak about certain laws, but a weapon is as good as the hands placed on it. Leave us a comment if you have any further questions.

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