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Love it baby

3D gun is the best

Good quality

Can’t complain

Got a jig for my p80 and I can’t complain. It did exactly what I needed it to do and work perfect for its purpose. I suggest for future jigs to add hardened metal inserts for the hole drilling guides to add longer life to the jig as well as making it easier to drill straight. Thank you and will be buying from you again if allowed.

Incomplete LPK

The LPK was missing parts, including the flat trigger shoe which was the original selling point for me.

Very Satisfied

I had a question and they answered right away so I could get my order. 10/10

Polymer 80

Good product

Good slide very sturdy

Great slide all in all no jams no misdeeds or anything

sad to see

hate to see them go there amazing

Great product!

Great product for the do it yourself crowd. The grip is better than factory Glock. Service is great as well. Thank you 3D for keeping 2A alive and well.

Customer service.

I needed help picking out which product I wanted and they got back to me and answered all my newbie questions. I even put the wrong state in for my address on accident and I got an email to confirm my address so I could get it in a timely manner. I greatly appreciated the quick reply and I got what I needed in a few days. I’m very interested in a 3d printer setup and will be using these guys for help on that.

Fast and good

Good quality parts and they got delivered faster then the upper parts I ordered from elsewhere.

Good shipping, no problems.


On time and great shipping quality

Great kit!

Fit perfectly on my Anderson Firearms Wildfire AR-15 lower! Haven’t shot it yet, but looking forward to it!


Tested it it works great

Polymer 80 PF940V2 Jig

Very pleased

I mean it worked!

At first glance of the jig, I'm like WTF did I pay for.
Pay attention to the instructions as looking at it almostalee sense.
After reading instructions and using a hand drill had holes drilled out in a few short minutes.
Biggest surprise was the holes were actually liked up correctly usinga hand drill. Rear rails are a different story but if you've doneP80 before I'm preaching to the choir.
Good buy getting 3d printer to keep the spirit alive

1 hole too many

The SC-sized Jig is as awesome as the other with one draw back, on the PF940SC (Glock 26) there is just one 4mm hole required near the top of the frame for the trigger pin. The extra 3mm hole above it is not needed for this particular sized model.

We will modify the instructions to be a bit more clear. The compact and sub-compact jig are the same form overall. The P80 manufacturer Sub-Compact jig has both holes as well.

Either way glad your build worked out! Thank you!

Do u have sum more build kits

Solid Jig

I haven't used the jig yet, but i have mocked up the piece with it to check alignment. It's a solid jig, and the holes line up with a OEM 19!

Great Jig

Great jig, fast service, easy to use


worked great

Best 3d printed gun packages on the market

Beautiful firearms are produced by this market distributor. I’ll be buying most of my products here!

Thanks 3D Gun Builder


Solid OEM Style P80 Kit

Came within a few days. Includes everything you need to build a Glock 19 style P80. Use one of the coupons and this is a good deal!

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