awcy sczorpion

AWCY Scz0rpion (Behind the Build)

The Gun that Launched a Thousand Shipments There are a select few releases that become the stuff of legends, and none are more notable than the Scz0rpion. Rumor has it that this release caused an international parts shortage for CZ and cemented GunCAD in the minds of their engineers for years to come. I recently […]

rusty shackleford 777

Interview with RustyShackleford777

The Art of Rant, The Rant of Art I’m glad to know I’m not the only one around here that’s been labeled “long-winded.” Famed for his high-quality designs and now for being the longest interview I’ve ever completed, RustyShackleford777 is an unmistakable personality in our community. I recently got the opportunity to sit down with […]

swarmtech design interview

SwarmTech Design

“Brother, let me tell you what.” Many names in this community command respect, but very few rise to become beloved. When he’s not being the living embodiment of “killing with kindness,” SwarmTech has been known to design some of the coolest stuff out there. I recently got the opportunity to sit down with him and […]

20231016 202937 1

SNEAK PREAK: Unseenkiller’s P320F Beta

It’s canon: Word of God. As nosey as I usually am with projects in development, I’m usually disappointed when my media requests are declined. Unseenkiller, though, is a different animal when it comes to devving, so he isn’t shy when the cameras turn on. In fact, he’s liable to just show off and talk about […]

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