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Handcop Review

The company Handcop has built a restraint product perfect for a SHTF situation. Let’s dive into our in-depth Handcop review.

handcop survival kit

Since prehistoric times the HANDCOP has been used during the Bronze and Iron ages, Greek and Roman times, and even in the military. 

handcop review

This weapon is similar to handcuffs but has a bit more restraint. In this article, you will learn about the history, design, application, control, and pricing of the HANDCOP weapon. 

Handcop History

The HANDCOP, when applied correctly, is the most secure non-metallic restraint available. 

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handcop wrist carry

It is believed that HANDCOPS first came about when early humans would use parts of animal hides to bind hands together, which would result in a type of rope to cause restraint.

Bronze and Iron Ages

Humans learned how to work with metals during the Bronze and Iron ages. These people could replicate handcuffs with several years of practice into something more substantial. 

This invention was nowhere near the sophisticated handcuffs we have today. Although, this weaponry was quite advised for this period.

Ancient Greek & Roman Times

During the Ancient Greek and Roman time, it is no surprise that there were several thieves and prisoners. Greeks and Romans wanted to develop weapons of which the strongest couldn’t break free.

One of the earliest inventions of handcuffs comes from Vergil, a Roman poet. He wanted to find something other than metal and chains to keep prisoners in captivity. 

Handcop Design Review

The unique design of the HANDCOP Counter Escape Restraint allows for it to be worn like a bracelet.

The Hancop simply slips on around one’s wrist; then, you wrap it around to secure it tightly to the wrist. This carry method ensures that you always have a reliable restraint.

The HANDCOP can also be attached to one’s belt. All you need to do is secure it around your belt and pull it tightly. 

This weapon is among the most popular growing weapons in law enforcement, military use, and government.

Handcop Application

Before attempting to apply the HANDCOP, you must first have control of the subject.

Ideally, the subject should be face down with their hands behind them.

Fully open the HANDCOP, which resembles a BUTTERFLY, with each loop spread outwards to the sides. This sort of acts as a highly tight “zip tie”. You need to make sure the HANDCOP is secured tightly.

handcop review police military

To release the HANDCOP, simply undo the overhand knot and pull open the cord around each wrist.

The person you are using this weapon will not be able to escape if it is applied correctly.

Handcop Product Reviews

There are three types of popular HANDCOPS that you may purchase. 

HANDCOP Counter Escape Restraint HC1365.

Unlike cable ties, ropes, and other cords, it is challenging to cut the HANDCOP without a knife.

handcop application

The HC1265 features a Technora 960lb braided cord inner core with a 550 paracord outer sheath.

This weapon can range anywhere from $10-20.

This price point makes our Handcop review find that it is well worth the purchase.

HANDCOP Counter Escape Restraint HC1265 GITD

This weapon is designed to glow in the dark, making it easier to see when restraining in dark environments. 

handcop restraint review

The outer core is off-white and will glow green in the dark after exposure to UV or white light sources.

HANDCOP Counter Escape Restraint HC1265 RANDOM

The only difference in this HANDCOP is the colors. You may get one in any color of the rainbow.


The HANDCOP is a weapon of many wonders, one might say. It is more vital than steel, heat resistant, fire retardant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, and abrasion resistant. 

This weapon is one of the most popular and restrained weapons that can be used in the military, law enforcement, or for one’s protection.

The Hancop makes a great addition to your 3D printed Gun (i.e. Plastikov) or Polymer 80 build.

Having read this article, feel free to do even more research on this unique and quick-adapting weapon. 

Your next purchase is just a click away.

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Cody is a staff writer for 3D Gun Builder.

Cody brings years of experience in firearms, 80% builds, 3D printing, and internet security.

He owns six 3D printers and enjoys spreading his knowledge of modern day gun smithing around the world.

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