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The Plastikov is a 3D Printable AKM/RPK/AK100 Receiver.

Plastikov v3 Details

The Plastikov v3 is the third iteration of the Plastikov AKM/RPK/AK100 receiver that can be 3d printed right from your home.

The Plastikov is designed to be printed and then assembled with purchased AK components that you can purchase online or at your local gun store.

Plastikov v3 in the Wild



Plastikov Release Trailer OG

Plastikov V3 History

The Plastikov was designed, built, and originally tested by the infamous 3D gun builder known as Ivan.

What Parts are 3D Printable?

The work that went into being able to 3D print as much of the Plastikov v3 as possible is impressive, to say the least.

As with all 3D printed firearms, you will absolutely require certain metal components i.e. the barrel of the gun.

However, Ivan made it possible to print all of the following:

Front Receiver (Either AKM, RPK, or AK100 – most likely, you’ll want the AKM since RPK and AK100 kits are rare)

Rear Receiver (Either AR15 non swift link tube-based or rear-facing pic rail-based

Top Cover (Standard AK top covers don’t fit on the Plastikov without modification to the top cover – while you could grind on yours for a bit, the printed top covers are tested thoroughly and work well, though may take a little fitting to your particular kit!)

Wrap Up

The Plastikov v3 is one of the most hyped file drops of 2022 and that is for good reason.

The AK frame has long been known for its versatility, durability, and reliability. Often used by resistance factions around the world.

While this may be the Plastikov v3 it may also be the AK v2 as Ivan brings the gun into the new generation and era of gunsmithing.

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