Amigo Grande CETME 308

amigo grande cetme 308

Amigo Grande CETME 308 STL Files

3D Printed CETME Model 58 Rifle aka the Amigo Grande

Amigo Grande CETME Details

The Amigo Grande is the first ever publicly released 3d printable .308 caliber receiver that was released by 3D gun maker Ivan the Troll.

The Amigo Grande proves just how versatile 3d firearms are becoming by showing that printed receivers can reliably handle full-size rifle calibers.

Anyone can download and print their own Amigo Grande with only a few hundred dollars in parts, some tools, and a 3d printer. 

Amigo Grande CETME C 308 Receiver in the Wild



308 Amigo Grande Ivan the Troll Range Day
Amigo Grande CETME Test Fire

Amigo Grande History

The Amigo Grande was released to the public in February of 2022 after a beta period was completed. Ivan, the developer, has stressed that this release was only made possible with the help of many people including Matt from Fuddbusters, who assisted with various parts of the prototyping. 

Ivan has personally fired thousands of rounds through various iterations of prototypes with no major failures. He has also overseen various builds during the beta period as they were tested. 

They even tested 3 full mag dumps of 20 rounds each back to back to verify that the design safely withstood the heat from rapid fire. The video containing this test can be found on Ivan the Troll’s Odysee page. 

Amigo Grande Tech Specs

The Amigo Grande is actually based on demilled parts kits from the Spanish CETME .308 battle rifle. These parts kits are widely available and very affordable.

The use of a roller-delayed recoil system from the CETME results in an easily built, and highly reliable .308 caliber rifle on a budget.

During testing, Ivan fired the Amigo Grande at distances of 100 yards and beyond, with consistent and impressive accuracy on each rifle tested.

In addition to the accuracy and reliability testing, Ivan also subjected multiple rifles to bursts of rapid fire in order to ensure the design remains safe as the barrel becomes hot. 

Required Parts for the Amigo Grande Build

Parts for the Amigo Grande are extremely affordable.
You will require a demilled CETME rifle parts kit, which can be found on ApexGunParts for around $150, and a CETME barrel which is around $200.

There is one catch, however. The build requires a hydraulic press and a few other tools to press and pin the barrel into the trunnion. These tools are still very affordable and can all be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

Ivan has done a tremendous job on the documentation for the Amigo Grande, and there is a full series of videos on his Odysee page detailing the build and walking users through each step.

Few guns include such a detailed and well-thought-out build guide, and it truly makes the Grande an enjoyable build.

Wrap Up

The Amigo Grande is one of the most important printed receivers developed this year. It has proved that printed guns can function reliably and safely even in full size rifle calibers.

Not only does the Amigo Grande provide the community with an affordable .308 battle rifle, but it also opens the door for other developers to follow in Ivans footsteps to further the art of 3d gunsmithing. 

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