Best 3D Printed Rifles (2022 Round Up)

The rise of 3D printed rifles in 2022 has been monolithic.

3D printing for years mainly focused on pistols and smaller caliber handguns.

best 3d printed rifles 2022

There have been more firearms file releases than at any time in human existence. Freedom is now more accessible than ever.

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The 3D printed AR15s have been taking off like wildfire this year.

The caliber of 3D rifles previously thought impossible has continued to grow…cough..Amigo Grande…cough.

Let’s look at some of the most downloaded and sought-after 3D printed rifles in 2022.


Most Popular
UBAR2 AR15 Lower

3D Printed UBAR2 Lower Printable AR15 Lower Receiver

Views: 71211
Downloads: 11940
Details Download

Developer: Ivan the Troll

The UBAR2 is already becoming one of the de-facto choices regarding 3D printed AR15 lowers.

The UBAR gets its name from the u-bolt used at the buffer tower for reinforcement, which has long been the weak point of printed AR15 lowers.

The compatibility, durable design, and ability to complete this 3D gun with off-the-shelf hardware make the UBAR2 the best 3D printed rifle of 2022.


Most Anticipated
KF5 3D Printed MP5

The Kleiner Freund (KF5) is a 3D Printed MP5

Views: 53001
Downloads: 0

Developer: Ivan the Troll

The KF5 may be the most anticipated 3D rifle of all time.

Currently, the KF5 or Kleiner Freund 5, aka the KF5 3D printed MP5 sub-machine gun, is still in beta, with many users checking daily to see if the STL files have dropped yet.

The KF5 was developed by 3D gun builder Ivan the Roll and is modeled after the H&K MP5.

We are all waiting and hoping that the consumer 3D version of the KF5 will be released in early 2023.


Amigo Grande CETME 308

3D Printed CETME Model 58 Rifle aka the Amigo Grande

Views: 34211
Downloads: 6192
Details Download

Developer: Ivan the Troll

The Amigo Grande CETME 308 is truly a barrier breaker in the 3D printed gun world.

Handling such a large caliber has been looked on with doubt and head shaking as an impossibility reserved for traditionally manufactured rifles.

The Amigo Grande can be 3d printed and built with only a few hundred dollars in parts, some tools, and a 3d printer.

The rifle has been tested for several thousand rounds without cracking or failure.

We hope the Amigo Grande is a sign for other higher-powered rifles to come soon.


Firebolt V2

3D Printable Firebolt AR-15/9/45 Lower Receiver

Views: 24843
Downloads: 5177
Details Download

Developer: SpookySpectre

The Firebolt was initially released in 2020 to great fanfare.

The latest version, the Firebolt v2, came out more recently.

The Firebolt v2 had one mission. Extreme modularity.

The various parts can be printed separately and then assembled, reassembled, and replaced easily.

The great thing about the various AR15 3D gun models is they have all gone after their own niche.

The Firebolt v2’s modularity makes this rifle one of the best coming-off 3D printers in 2022.


FGC-9 MKII Stingray

Remix of the FGC-9 with a DIY 16″ barrel and adjustable stock

Views: 18420
Downloads: 3155
Details Download

Developer: Hotsauce

The FGC-9 is one of the market’s only authentic, fully 3D printed guns.

It was developed with the goal of being useful in countries outside of the USA where gun laws (specifically 3D printed gun laws) are even more strict.

With just a printer and hardware that can be found worldwide, along with in-depth documentation for homebrew ECM rifle barrelling, the FGC-9 will always be in the hall of fame.

While the utility and open nature of the FGC-9 is undeniable, the recent release of the FGC-9 MKII Stingray gave this gun a much-needed makeover.

Bringing to the table more style and when it comes to accuracy, a 16” rifle barrel, this 3D gun is hard to beat.

3D Printed Rifles: The Future

3D printed rifles are continuing to grow through 2022 and into 2023.

We hope to continue seeing higher caliber rifles being developed and popular models coming to a 3D printer near you.

One thing is for sure. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for 3D printed rifles, and 3D printed guns in general.

Did we miss any banger 3D printed rifles? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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