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So you’re interested in the Nylaug, a 3D printed AUG? Well, you’re in the right place! 

You might be familiar with the iconic Steyr AUG. A semi-automatic bullpup rifle is known for its futuristic design and unique versatility.

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The Nylaug is an innovative hybrid of both polymer and metal. It results from hard work and passion for advancing 3D printed firearms engineering. 

This groundbreaking hybrid material 3D design is a modern take on the iconic AUG. 

The 3D printed Nylaug is easy to print with minimal supports. The NylAug developers used advanced 3D printing materials such as heat-resistant nylon filament. 

The design features sleek, modern lines, making your space rifle pop at the range. 

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3D Printed Aug Tech Specs

The Nylaug is dependable and chambered in the standard 5.56 rifle cartridge.

The NylAug file pack has various printed accessories, including an extended magazine release, shell deflector, hand guards, and a durable 3D printed mag.

This 3D firearm design was engineered over a year and has been heavily tested by several members over the 1000-round mark.

It should be noted that builders should be thorough when reviewing the documentation of the NylAug. Accidentally ending up with an NFA-controlled full-auto firearm is easy to do here.

To stay compliant the developers of the NylAug Bullpup included exhaustive and detailed build guides.

Required Parts for the NylAug


  • Filament
  • 3D Printer
  • Aug Bullpup Parts Kit
  • Aug / Modified AR15 Barrel


2.5mm drill bit2 (always have an extra bit handy)5058N56Method A rear stock denial for threaded portions
3mm drill bit25058N57Method A and B rear stock denial
#51 drill bit22901A226Method A and B rear stock denial pilot hole, any tiny drill bit will do
3/8“ drill bit22901A133Method A and B rear stock denial countersinking holes; any large bit will do
1/2″ piece 3/16 key stock1-398870A120Method A and C rear stock denial, for front stock denial
3” piece of 3/16 key stock1-298870A192Method A and C rear stock denial, for front stock denial
M3 tap18305A12method A rear stock denial
8mm M3 flathead machine screw491294A128Method A and B rear stock denial
16mm M3 flathead machine screw291294A134Handguard and top rail
300mm M3 thread rod3-590024A218Receiver assembly
M3 jam nuts2091828A211Receiver assembly, handguard, top rail
M3 nylock nuts (alternative to jam nuts)2090576A102Receiver assembly, handguard, top rail
M3 washers1298689A112Receiver assembly
M3 Heat Inserts294459A434Receiver assembly
M4 heat inserts394459A150Top rail
16mm M4 socket head screws391290A154Top rail
M4 nuts190592A090Top rail
M4 washer498269A430Top rail
1/2″ steel tubing10.7″ length9220K361Op rod bushing
1/2″ reamer12995A74Optional op rod bushing reamer. Or use drill bit
JB Weld Original17605A4Stock denials


  • Vise
  • Drill
  • Dremel
  • Hammer
  • Punches
  • Hacksaw
  • File
  • Sandpaper
  • Soldering iron

NylAug Build Instructions


  • Coex Nylex CF/GF
  • Matterhackers NylonX
  • Sainsmart ePA-CF
  • eSun PLA+

The NylAug is not the most straightforward build and requires light metal fabrication work.

If you want to test your skills in 3D gun building the NylAug is the perfect project to test your chops!

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